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Wholesale Delights: Wholesale Cakes and Wholesale Cookies

21/08/2017 17:14

Wholesale Delights: Wholesale Cakes and Wholesale Cookies 

Of course, as proud sellers of great value wholesale sweets, here at Appleton Sweets, we are well-known to our customers for our hard-boiled, chewy, fruity, fizzy, jelly sweets and more.

However, in addition to our super sweet jars and sweet bags, we also sell other wholesale delights, including wholesale cakes and wholesale cookies. 

While, of course, many people prefer baking their own homemade cakes and cookies, there is always an occasion where shop-bought, wholesale cakes could save the day!

wholesale cookies

Whether your customers are on holiday and would like to purchase some wholesale cakes for a special occasion, or would, perhaps, fancy a quick, sweet and tasty snack to share with the family on a day out, take a look at some of our wholesale cakes and wholesale cookies (they’ll please even the most gourmet of tastebuds!). 

Hostess Chocodile Twinkies

The Hostess Chocodile Twinkies are one of our most popular choices of wholesale cakes, therefore, don’t forget to keep an eye out on our stock levels!

They are, essentially, a box of smooth and scrummy chocolate cakes that come in a box of nine. 

Hostess Ho Ho’s 

Hostess Ho Ho’s are not just for Christmas, as the name may suggest. Imported from the USA, the Hostess Ho Ho’s are chocolatey, creamy and have made a sweet comeback from days gone by. 

They look a bit like chocolate mini-rolls and are, therefore, bound to be a favourite amongst adults and children alike!

Highland Scottish Shortbread

Who in the world can’t enjoy a shortbread with their cup of tea or morning coffee? The Highland Scottish Shortbread offer a Scottish taste of Great Britain and offer mini-packs of shortbread that contain four biscuits per pack. With each wholesale case, you receive eighteen packets. Therefore, not only are these delicious wholesale cookies, they’re great value too!

Hostess Zingers

A raspberry iced cake with a creamy filling, the Hostess Zingers are extremely popular with those with a real sweet tooth. 

With ten sweets per box, they’re perfect for families, parties, small social occasions and more! 

Hostess Twinkies 

Choose from Hostess Twinkies and Hostess Twinkies Banana! The standard Hostess Twinkies are a delicious golden sponge cake with a tasty creamy filling inside, while the Hostess Twinkies Banana offer an added banana tang!

More wholesale cakes and wholesale cookies from Appleton Sweets

Are you looking for more wholesale delights from Appleton Sweets, including wholesale cakes and wholesale cookies? We are proud to sell a range of wholesale confectionary at great value prices, that can be used in various stores and bought for various occasions.

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