Wholesale retro products that will never be forgotten!

11/07/2017 07:47
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10 Wholesale retro products that will never be forgotten!

Unfortunately for their fans, there are some sweet treats that are discontinued, never to be seen on the shelves of confectionary stores again. After all, not everything lasts forever! And, with that in mind, we’ve done a bit of research here at Appleton Sweets, bringing up some old sweets from the past, some of which we’ve even stocked ourselves during are time as a sweets wholesaler. 

Ultimately, when it comes to sweets that are no longer around, there is a sense of nostalgia, and we’ll never forget the following retro sweets from the past: 

  • KitKat Caramac

Remember these? A fabulous edition of our beloved KitKat, the KitKat Caramac were the ultimate breakable chocolate biscuit! A lovely chocolate biscuit with a caramel flavour, unfortunately, the KitKat Caramac were simply too good for sharing!

  • Taz

Taz used to be Freddo’s best friend and kids would choose one Looney Tune’s character for their after-school chocolate (or both if they had a bit extra change!). Taz bars were loved by all and are sorely missed! At least we’ve still got Freddos though! In fact, you’ll find both plain and caramel Freddos at Appleton Sweets. Delicious!

  • Mars Delight

Mars Delight was a lighter version of the traditional Mars Bar (but not necessarily with fewer calories!). The chocolate bar was introduced in 2004 and disappeared in 2008. It featured a wafer centre and was a popular chocolate bar. In fact, it was so popular, over 5000 people signed a petition to bring it back! It didn’t work, however, and the standard Mars bar remains top dog (we’re not complaining though, everyone loves a Mars Bar). 

  • Toffo

Another sweet that disappeared in 2008, Toffos were super chewy and delicious! There are, of course, numerous toffees available nowadays, but we’ll still miss the retro Toffos! Many people particularly miss the mint flavoured Toffo. 

  • Cadbury Dream

White chocolate fans will sorely miss the Cadbury Dream bars. A white chocolate version of Dairy Milk? How wonderful!

  • Snowflake

Another white chocolate bar, the Snowflake was an edition of the traditional flake that put a smile on the face of those with a taste for white chocolate. 

In fact, the white chocolate inside the milk chocolate layer of the snowflake was the same white chocolate of the Dream bar. Looks like the company stopped a couple of their white chocolate products…

  • Space Dust

What child out there didn’t love the old fashioned retro sweet Space Dust, a sizzling candy that bought magic, the moon and space down to Earth? Unfortunately, the name grew to have another meaning and now we have the fantastic Fizz Wizz and other forms of popping candy instead.  

  • Cadbury's Rumba

Cadbury's Rumba was a hit with the grown-ups and featured the irresistible combination of fudge, chocolate and rum.

The chocolate bar is probably closest in shape and taste to a Twix, however, Twix’s don’t have that alcoholic pazazz! They’re delicious all the same though and can be ordered from Appleton Sweets. 

  • Fuse 

Cadbury Fuse was a hit with the lads and was, ultimately, a fusion of nuts, raisins, rice crispies and fudge. 

  • Mint Crunchie 

You’ll know if you were a fan of Mint Crunchie and probably aren’t too happy about the fact they no longer exist. That said, variations of mint chocolate still exist so at least that’s one thing we can still enjoy!

Retro sweets from Appleton Sweets

After thinking about all these sweets that are no longer around, don’t forget, we stock a range of Retro Sweets from Appleton Sweets that do still exist. Feel free to browse our retro products. 

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