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Why Give Chocolates For Valentines Day

10/01/2020 09:42

February 14th sees the world indulge in huge romantic gestures, many of them featuring sweets and chocolates. 

Since the times of the Aztecs, chocolate has been considered an aphrodisiac. Whether consuming chocolate does fan the flames of desire has never been proven, but that doesn’t stop us trying!

No one has ever patented a heart shaped chocolate box but Cadbury’s are believed to be the first to sell chocolates in romantic packaging. 

What IS Valentines Day?

Cadbury’s were cashing in on the emergence of the festival of Victorians showering gifts on lovers for Valentine’s Day. Richard Cadbury is said to have designed the boxes himself. Around this time, Cadbury’s had mastered making drinking chocolate into a desirable drink. The excess cocoa from this production was a cheap raw material for an ever growing range of eating chocolate. 

Prior to that, back in the 14th century, Chaucer described a romantic holiday called Valentine’s Day. back in those days, sugar was a precious commodity. It is more likely that knights were tempting their maidens with roses and jewelry than sweets and chocolates.

Despite there being little proof that either of the Roman saints called Valentine were romantic, their name has stuck to the tradition.

By the time World War II was underway, sugar was rationed and celebrations of festivals such as St Valentine’s Day were scaled down. Some of those early Cadbury boxes were kept to store lovers’ keepsakes and even became family heirlooms. They pop up on Bargain Hunt from time to time!

Why not carry on that tradition with some heart shaped chocolates from Whitakers? It’s not just heart shaped boxes which will go down well with your loved one, we stock a wonderful, quality range of gift boxes of chocolates.

It’s Not Just Chocolates.

Heart shaped confectionery seems to come in all flavours, styles and sizes. Dulce’s sugar coated, peach flavoured hearts are a firm favourite. If you fancy something quirky which comes on a stick, check out the swirling pattern on these Fun Kandy Sweetheart Lollies which are sure to raise a smile.

Go even cheekier with these mini flaming lips, maybe mix them up with some mini pink and white hearts from Barratts. Naturally Haribo are in on the heart shaped sweets trend, their pic’n’mix style Heart Throbs certainly fit the bill.

You can even find a complete bunch of flowers made up of candy with this Look O Look Giant Candy

What about Love Hearts? Swizzles hit onto a winner when they launched the tubes of sweets with little love words embossed on them. The brand is now available in traditional tubes, special gift packs, lipsticks and even sherbert style dips.

Appletons are pleased to offer a full range of sweets, chocolate and confectionery for every occasion during the year.

We have been a London based, family business since 1945 and still offer the very best in choice, service, price and delivery for all of your confectionery needs.

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