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Why not sell some wholesale biscuits this Winter?

06/02/2017 08:54

wholesale biscuits

While everyone is still holding on to their cups of tea, coffee and hot chocolate to keep warm this winter, confectionary stores everywhere should make the most of the opportunity, before we reach Spring, to sell some scrumptious wholesale biscuits that your customers will love! 

After all, there is nothing that helps people get through their winter mornings (and afternoons!) at work than a tea or coffee break, accompanied by their favourite biscuit, right?

What’s more, here at Appleton Sweets, we’ve got a range of wholesale biscuits available that not only offer excellent value for money for customers and wholesalers, they’re a little bit different to those you’ll find in your regular supermarket!

Take a look at some of the wholesale biscuits from Appleton Sweets below. 

Highland Scottish Shortbread

Your customers are bound to love the Highland Scottish Shortbread. A favourite amongst people of all ages, you simply can’t go wrong with a good old taste of Scottish shortbread.

What’s more, priced at only £14.40 (both including and excluding VAT) for a pack of four stay fresh packs, confectionary stores can confidently make a profit on these on-the-go biscuit breaks!

We’ve also got the Highland Shortbread Tails for sale at Appleton Sweets. A tartan box that contains two packs of round biscuits, within these packets there are two round biscuits that are designed to break into six perfect size smaller biscuits. A perfect gift or store cupboard treat, the Highland Shortbread Tails from Appleton Sweets costs £9.69 for 12 for wholesalers. 

Ferrero Nutella and Go 

Wow! A great treat for the kids! The Ferrero Nutella and Go really are a favourite amongst school children, employees, and even stay-at-home mums and dads!

Supplied by Ferrero, the Ferrero Nutella and Go come in a box containing 12 tubs in total. The biscuits come in a small sealed tub that features a delicious hazelnut spread, with cocoa and bread sticks too. Delicious!

Meiji Yan Yan Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla

The Meiji Yan Yan Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla are all supplied by Wonka and are packed in box of 10 count from Appleton Sweets. A unique wholesale biscuit, they come in a large cup shaped pot with a delicious pot of smooth chocolate, vanilla or strawberry flavoured dipping cream, and a crunchy crispy cracker stick inside. You may choose to sell one flavour, or all three!

Flavours are bought separately in a box of 10, and cost £7.99 both including and excluding VAT.

Great value wholesale biscuits

We are proud of our great value wholesale biscuits here at Appleton Sweets, and hope you can find the perfect teatime treat for your customers within our range! 

Posted By Matt Appleton
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