Simple but sweet: Why sweeties make for the perfect Mother’s day gift

16/02/2016 12:29

Here at Appleton Sweets, we think that sweeties really can make for the perfect gift- especially for Mother’s day!

Mums…they’re wonderful aren’t they? They support us, no matter what, are always there if we need a chat, and are just lovely!

We think that mums are a bit like swans, looking elegant on the surface, but underneath paddling away to keep everything above water.

What’s more, they don’t often ask for much for Mother’s day. That’s why, at Appleton Sweets, we think that sweeties are a gift mums will definitely enjoy!

Take a look at five of our favourite Mother’s day sweets that will bring a little sweetness to your mum’s day this Mother’s day, without having her feel guilty about receiving a gift with a high price point.

Anthon Berg Choc Cocktails

The Anthon Berg Choc Cocktails are a box of dark chocolates with a genuine mixture of cocktail liqueur centres.

An indulgent treat for mums who like dark chocolate and a drop of the old liqueur from time to time, we’re sure your mum will love to receive these chocolate treats this Mother’s day!

Beech’s Assorted Fruit Creams

A sweet with a difference, the Beech’s assorted fruit creams will undoubtedly make for unusually sweet Mother’s day gift.

These fine chocolates are an exciting take on Beech’s original chocolates. The Beech’s Assorted Fruit Creams consist of a delicious dark chocolate coating, covering rich fruit centres. The box has a feminine design that makes these chocolates the perfect gift for Mother’s day.

Champagne Truffles Chocolate Tin

A gorgeous tin, that has a hint of art décor, filled with delicious Champagne truffles, the Champagne Truffles Chocolate Tin makes for a truly luxury Mother’s day gift. The Champagne Truffles Chocolate Tin is supplied by Walkers of London, so is a very British gift too!

After she has finished the truffles, she’ll have the tin to keep- which can be used for arts and crafts, baking, storing bits’n’bobs etc. Fantastic!

Elizabeth Shaw Cappuccino Flutes

Perfect for mums who love their americano, cappuccino, espresso or white coffee with a bit of added sweetness, the Elizabeth Shaw Cappuccino Flutes are delicious chocolate sticks with a distinctive cappuccino flavour.

Fruit Jellies Gift Box

Mums will love the Fruit Jellies gift box! The box contains a variety of delicious fruit jelly sweets that come in lots of different flavours and colours. What’s more, these sweets have no artificial flavours or colours, and are suitable for vegetarians, so are guaranteed to be well-received by health-conscious mums this Mother’s day.

Sweeties for mum this Mother’s Day

At Appleton Sweets, we really do stock a large amount of sweets that mum’s will love to receive this Mother’s day.

And, why not leave a review about our service too? You’ll be automatically entered into our February competition to win a jar of mini love heart rolls.

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