Your sweet shop won’t be the same without these wholesale penny sweets!

17/11/2017 21:42

Your sweet shop won’t be the same without these wholesale penny sweets! 

There is nothing people love more about a sweetshop than its penny sweets, of course! Both kids and adults love choosing their favourite pick ‘n’ mix sweeties from their favourite sweet shop for a special treat.

And, no doubt, each and every customer will have their favourite penny sweet. Whether it is the flying saucer sweeties, chocolate raisins or Jelly Babies, whatever their tastes, there is a penny sweet out there for everyone. And the more types of sweet you have in your confectionary store, the better! 

That’s why we’ve gathered together the following wholesale penny sweets that your sweet shop just wouldn’t be the same without! 

Barratt Milk Teeth

Who said sweets would rot your teeth? The Barratt Milk Teeth are tasty, great value sweeties that the kids are likely to add to their Pick ‘n’ Mix bag. 

Candyland Black Jacks

A traditional treat, that your confectionary store just wouldn’t be the same without! The Candyland Black Jacks are a classic sweet that both kids and adults love!  

Candyland Fruit Salads

And, of course, no one picks up a Black Jack without a Fruit Salad! That’s why the Candyland Fruit Salads are another sweet shop essential!

Caramel Mushrooms

We bet you didn’t think of this one! The Caramel Mushrooms are a lesser known sweetie that, despite being a more modern creation, are an excellent sweet to sell in your sweet shop! They are a fun sweet that tastes great too! 

wholesale penny sweets

Frisia Flying Saucers Drum

Flying Saucers undoubtedly make a sweet shop more magical! The Frisia Flying Saucers offer excellent value and will most definitely brighten up a sweet shop’s Pick ‘n’ Mix stand!

Swizzels Refreshers Chews

The Swizzels Refreshers Chews are, most definitely, a refreshing sweetie that are popular, well-known and a sure-sell choice of chewy sweet for your confectionary store.

Vidal Apple Pencils 

The Vidal Apple Pencils are long, green chewy sweets that taste of apple. They will be popular with the kids for their taste and flavour. 

Vidal Strawberry Pencils

The Strawberry pencils are the red and strawberry flavoured version of the Vidal Apple Pencils and are a popular choice of penny sweet for your confectionary store. 

More Penny Sweets from Appleton Sweets

Browse more of our penny sweets at Appleton Sweets and you’ll be sure to please the majority of customers. We’ve got a range of sweets, from traditional to more modern choices, we’ve got a huge pick of sweets available. 

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