Blue Sweets

We’ve got a range of Blue Sweets here at Appleton Sweets.


Our wholesale blue sweets are made by a number of different sweet manufacturers. They include: Barnetts, Bristows, Bebeto, Dexters, Fun Candy, Hubba Bubba, The Real Candy Co. and more.


Our selection of blue sweets features fizzy flavours, chewy sweets and sour sweets. We sell blue lollipops, blue fizzy pop, and even a blue-themed chocolate bar!


Try the Barnett’s Bubblegum Crystals, a combination of blue and pink crystals with a fabulous blue bubblegum flavour!


And why not taste the Barnett’s Bubblegum Pips too? They’re small blue and pink candy pieces with a fantastic bubblegum flavour.


And for a real blue hit,  opt for the Blue Raspberry Slush Syrup from Appletons. The kids will love the refreshing, cooling flavour of the Blue Raspberry slush. And the incredibly bright colour, of course!


Blue sweets are a craze at the moment. Kids love sweets that make their tongue blue! Although parents may take a little convincing! That’s what makes blue sweets a real treat for the little ones!


To aid parents' concerns though, we’ve got some tasty blue sweets that aren’t packed full of blue food colouring and E-numbers. For example, the Bristows Bubblegum Bonbons contain toffee and have a dusted blue or pink coating. What’s more, we’ve got the Bristows Chewy Blue Raspberry Bon Bons, a favourite amongst adults and children alike!


Blue sweets are perfect for events, especially for weddings and parties. Why not create a blue candy buffet?


Our blue sweets are ideal for wedding favours, party favours and for a blue candy buffet.


Perfect for a wedding candy buffet, the classic Haribo Blue Heart Throbs are a popular retro sweet from the past. You can’t go wrong adding these blue heart-shaped sweets to your Pick n’ Mix selection either.


As you can see, we really do have an exciting range of wholesale blue sweets at Appleton Sweets.


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27 Item(s)

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