Bubblegum Millions

Tiny bright blue Millions sweets that will definitely leave your tongue blue!


Get a flashback to the days of baggy school uniforms and awful trends. Bubblegum is a fun and delicious Millions flavour. It is, of course, also the brightest flavour in the crew!


Hugh Blu is the mascot for Millions Bubblegum sweets and he has loads of fun creating mischief (and getting others into trouble!). He prides himself on having fun!


Bubblegum is one of the many great flavours in the Millions range that are made by Golden Casket.  Like all the flavours, Bubblegum is gluten-free and vegan-friendly!   

Other Millions flavours include:

-Chocolate Strawberry

-Sour Strawberry

-Vimto (the newest flavour!)








Bubblegum Millions are available from Appleton Sweets in various packages. They are available as Bubblegum Millions shakers, Bubblegum Millions tapers, Bubblegum Millions tubes and Bubblegum Millions jars.

Buy Bubblegum Millions sweets for a bright Pick ‘n’ Mix bag or as a unique sweet gift.

Enjoy browsing our range of Bubblegum Millions sweets below. They may look like tiny bright blue sweets but they’re bursting with tasty bubblegum flavour. Enjoy!


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4 Item(s)

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