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Appleton retail boxes are sweets that are specifically packaged for retail at competitive trade prices. They are bulk boxes of sweets that do well in any retail establishment from a box of 400 Candyland Fruit Salads, 3,000 Frisia Flying Saucers and 3 kilos of Kingsway Rum Balls through to specifically packaged retail boxes containing delicious delights such as 24 packets of Swizzels Love Hearts, 60 Swizzels Original Chew Bars and 49 Barratts Sherbet Fountains. We also sell simple, non-fancy retail boxes that are good for simply replenishing sold stock such as Appletons Red Dummies that come in a box of 12, Appletons Nutty Crunch, which comes in a plain 3 kilo box and plain boxes each containing 36 Honeycomb Bars.


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