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Aniseed Balls

The strong taste of aniseed balls will no doubt take you back to your childhood. These small, hard sweets with their instantly recognisable aniseed flavour are a retro classic, and are often stocked in jars in old-fashioned sweet shops.

With a rock hard black or dark red exterior, these mouthwatering traditional sweets last for a long time. As soon as you pop an aniseed ball into your mouth the hit of aniseed will no doubt evoke feelings of nostalgia.

Appleton Sweets sell wholesale aniseed balls in bulk packs, and they remain one of our bestselling sweets. People of all ages love their distinctive aniseed taste, our love for them only getting stronger over the passing decades. Their shiny glazing agent makes them perfect for decoration, and they are eye catching whether they’re displayed in vintage glass jars or served in small paper bags.

Appleton Sweets has been established since 1945 and we sell only the highest quality sweets, dispatched from our UK based warehouse to customers around the world.

What is in the middle of an aniseed ball?

The middle of an aniseed ball contains a nuclei. Originally a rapeseed onto which the outer layers of sugar are formed, creating a perfect sphere. Other nuclei are also used, for example a single sugar crystal can be the starting point, or caraway seed, or fennel seed or even an anise seed. These little gobstoppers will turn white the more you suck them until all that remains is the pip at their centre.

Why is aniseed good for you?

Anise the herb has been used for millennia to treat a wealth of ailments from upset tummies to runny noses, trapped wind and soothing a chesty cough. Anise is also thought to stimulate the appetite and to increase a nursing mother’s milk supply. Men have been known to take anise to help treat the symptoms of the ‘male menopause’, but more commonly it is associated with allievetating insomnia, constipation and nausea.

But if you don’t have any ailments, you can still enjoy aniseed balls for what they are - hard round little sweets that pack a great flavour punch into a tiny, shiny exterior.

How many calories do aniseed balls have?

These old fashioned, hard round sweets come in at roughly 365 kcal per 100g. With their strong aniseed flavour and hard outer shell, you’d be hard pressed to binge eat them, though don’t let us stop you from trying!

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