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Parma Violets are purple sweets manufactured by Swizzels Matlow. Originating in Derbyshire, they have taken the UK by storm, in their 70 years of existence!

While the company are Derbyshire-based, apparently, their name was influenced by “Parma” in Italy.

Appleton Sweets are proud to stock Parma Violets. Whether you like them or not, the Parma Violets flavour and chalky texture is totally unique!

Some people say they’re similar to Swizzel Matlow Fizzers - but, ironically, don’t have the “fizzyness”!

While the taste of violet does divide opinions, these sweets are seen as an iconic, old-fashioned British candy, favoured throughout the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's and are found in most newsagents and supermarkets.

Standard Parma Violets are about half an inch in size and come with about 14 in a pack. You can also buy giant versions too (if you particularly like them!).


The tablet sweets are violet in both flavour and colour. According to the Swizzels Matlow website, they feature the following ingredients: Sugar, Stearic Acid, Modified Starch, Glucose Syrup, Anti-caking Agent: Magnesium Carbonate; Flavourings, Colours: Anthocyanin.


Standard sized tablets have 25 calories- a sweet indulgence that aren’t too much of a guilty pleasure!


See how the Parma Violets tablet confectionery is made in the following video:

Appleton Sweets stock and supply parma violets in bulk as rolls and bags. We offer great value on these perfume flavoured sweets.

We also stock a wide range of Swizzels Matlow Sweets, many of which are retro and popular amongst a wide age range of customers.

See our choice of Parma Violets below:


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