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Vegan Sweets

Veganism in the UK is growing at an exponential rate. More and more people are adopting a way of life that means they are not only eschewing meat and leather goods, but they are avoiding any product that contains animal byproducts, and that includes sweets.

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And so Appleton Sweets are incredibly proud to be able to cater for this growing dietary requirement by offering not just a select few vegan sweet options, but an extensive range of vegan sweets. Just because you choose to live your life with a more ethical or environmental focus, doesn’t mean you need to give up your sweet tooth too.

Appleton Sweets are pleased to be working with select confectionery manufacturers who are producing vegan approved, high quality sweets, available wholesale and individually wrapped.

Our vegan sweet range is part of our dietary specific confectionery offerings, and our range of vegan specific sweets features old favourites as well as an exciting line of vegan sweet treats that are new to the market, including novelty lines and seasonal sweets.

Appleton Sweets stocks a range of vegan friendly sweets from household names such as Swizzels, Pimlico and Whitakers.

If you weren’t aware that sweet behemoth Swizzels had a vegan range, you might be surprised to learn that this candy giant is in fact incredibly aware of the growing spectrum of dietary requirements, and as such, ensures their sweets are as accessible to as many consumers as possible.

Some of our most popular vegan sweets include such Swizzel classics as:

Pimlico is a relatively new vegan sweet manufacturer based here in the UK. Launched in 2011 in London, their Lancashire based factory provides a great range of sweets, including vegan fruit jellies, vegan fizzy cola bottles and vegan fizzy cherries.

So if you’re looking for a supplier of vegan wholesale sweets for your sweetshop, or if you’re looking to purchase wholesale vegan sweets, you can take your pick from Appleton Sweets range of vegan confectionery. We regularly update our stock to include new vegan sweets, so keep checking our site to see if we have listed any new vegan sweets.

Why not check out our other dietary specific sweet ranges such as our vegetarian sweets or our gluten free sweets, sugar free sweets, or dairy free sweets, because if you have customers with more specific dietary requirements, you will find a range of sweets that will be suitable for them all at Appleton Sweets.

Once you’ve made your selection of vegan sweets, you can easily place your order via our online checkout, or if you’re looking to spend under £200 on vegan sweets, why not check out our sister site, Bulk Wholesale Sweets.

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