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Baby Shower Dessert Table Ideas

Are you looking to throw a baby shower that's sweet, delightful, and totally adorable? If it’s your first baby or you’re hosting for a friend, you want the celebration to be memorable and tasty, too.

But when it comes to dessert tables, where should you start? We’ve got you covered. From sugar cookies to cake pops, we've got you covered with all the essentials for a sweet and stylish soirée.

Let’s dive into the world of baby shower dessert tables!

Sugar cookies

These biscuits are a versatile sweet treat that are perfect for decorating. This makes them very easy to bake and decorate for a baby shower - you could opt for onesies, baby bottles, dummies and prams as some ideas.

If you’re sticking to a colour theme you can choose the cookie colours to match. You could even set up a cookie decorating station where guests can create their own baby shower-themed designs. Everyone will have fun and it will make the event one to remember!


Choosing a floral theme for a baby shower works well, as blooming flowers can be associated with vitality and new life. Peonies, roses or daisies work well for a baby shower theme and are gorgeous to have on the table too.

Cupcakes with floral frosting styles and flower-topped desserts are the way to go for the perfect floral theme. Adding in some candied flower petals (which are safe to eat, of course) on top of desserts or strewn across the table is a nice added touch.


These doughy and delicious desserts are a versatile option for a baby shower. Mini-doughnuts work well placed on top of toy baby bottles as a fun decoration. They can be iced in pink or blue for the gender, or according to whatever colour theme you’ve chosen.

If you’re making your own doughnuts you can bake them in different shapes to spell out baby shower-themed words. You could also offer these tasty treats as party favours for guests to take home, as doughnuts travel well.


Who doesn’t love Disney? These cute and colourful characters would work brilliantly at any baby shower, and the desserts can be themed accordingly. Disney has a lot of decorative items to purchase that you can use as a basis for your desserts, like cupcakes or biscuits.

If you have a favourite Disney character, you could have fun mementos from the films like Beauty and the Beast rose-shaped cookies or Cinderella pumpkin tarts. The options are endless, as is your creativity when it comes to a Disney dessert bar!


A chocolate fountain at a baby shower is sure to look impressive and be a hit with your guests. Opt for high-quality melting chocolate to use in the fountain - ruby chocolate could be a fun twist on the traditional.

Having a variety of dipping items is the key to success when it comes to a good dipping bar. Be sure to have marshmallows, fruit and pretzels on hand for hungry partygoers. To take it a step further, have sprinkles and small candies nearby so they can add an extra crunch and pizzazz to their dessert.

Hot chocolate bar

If you’re hosting a baby shower in the colder months, then a hot chocolate bar might be the ultimate warming antidote for those frosty days. You can scale this up as you like by using instant powdered hot chocolate or going for a luxurious melted hot chocolate recipe.

Provide a range of flavourings and mix-ins such as peppermint, caramel, and cinnamon for guests to customise their hot chocolate. Another station for toppings like mini marshmallows and whipped cream is sure to be appreciated too.

Chocolate-dipped fruit

Continuing with the chocolatey theme, chocolate-dipped fruit like strawberries is a great and light sweet treat to offer guests. You could opt for pink and blue-coloured chocolate and hand them out as people guess the gender for a fun twist.

Other options include setting up an interactive dipping section of the table for people to decorate their own strawberries and offering up other fruits like bananas and raspberries for some variety. Your guests are sure to appreciate this delectable delight!

Cake pops

These delicious bites of cake are a wonderful dessert that would take pride in place on a baby shower table. Cake pops can be easily constructed by mixing frosting with cake crumbs to form a moldable mixture. These can then be decorated however you like to suit your baby shower theme.

Chocolate, lemon and red velvet are all great flavours to try for your baby shower. You could also use food dye to turn the cake mixture pink or blue if you’re wanting to do a gender reveal at the same time.

Dessert tower

If you just can’t decide on one dessert theme for your baby shower table, why not have it all and go for a dessert tower? This is a beautiful and functional way to display a range of different desserts like cupcakes, macarons and cake pops.

Add in some decorative elements like flowers and baby-themed props to really make the display pop. If you’ve got gaps in the display, opt for some candies to fill it out. People are sure to marvel at this dessert bar centrepiece!

Candy station

A candy bar or station works with a variety of different themes and would be a fun addition to any baby shower. Choosing candies that come in a lot of different colour options, like jelly babies, means you can theme the sweets according to whatever colours you like.

There are a thousand different ways to present a candy station, such as using clear bell jars or fun, themed dispensers for an added twist. Scoops and tongs will help guests to get smaller sweets out, and this idea also works great as a party favour too.

Wrapping up

The dessert table is an important part of any baby shower celebration! Whether you choose to incorporate classic treats like sugar cookies and cake pops, or opt for something a little more unique like a fondue station or candy bar, the options are endless.

Need some sugary confectionary to decorate your baby shower dessert table? We’ve got high-quality and delicious wholesale sweets that would be perfect for the job.