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Wholesale Old Fashioned Sweets

What could beat chowing down on mouth-watering milk teeth? Or devouring some delicious dew drops? Or perhaps some luscious Read More

What could beat chowing down on mouth-watering milk teeth? Or devouring some delicious dew drops? Or perhaps some luscious liquorice flyers? Old fashioned sweets from the 70s have become a huge part of the confectionery industry over the past 10 years with a steep increase in popularity.

Blackjacks, milk chews and brain lickers are all popular products that have been around for many years. These items are novelty sweets that are incredibly sought after by both kids and adults!

Appletons provide a wide selection of confectionery including offerings from the USA, chocolate and retro sweets that are sure to please both adults and children. We deliver throughout the UK and provide cost-effective confectionery to sweet sellers looking to scale their business.

There are also shopping options for personal use, so if you want to stock up your cupboards, then look no further!

Retro Sweets of the 70s

Nostalgic sweets come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colours and flavours. Let's start with a well-known classic, Anglo Bubbly. The original bubble gum blows some of the biggest bubbles we've ever seen. The iconic packaging of Anglo Bubbly can be seen from a long-distance away. The blue and pink colourings are just everywhere!

Old Fashioned Sweets in Jars

Maybe you’re a lover of the boiled sweet classics such as rosy apples. Or rhubarb and custards, or perhaps sherbet lemons. Whatever the case, we have a cracking collection of candy from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, just waiting to be demolished. We also have the very best in the way of chewy sweets, like refreshers, blackjacks, fruit salad sweets and more.

Sweets That Are Perfect For Childhood Memories

Trying to remember those famous sweets names you knew and loved as a child? Let us refresh your memory with our best-selling, traditional 80s retro sweets:

Rhubarb and Custard

Fruity, creamy, basically irresistible.

Wine Gums

Not to be confused with the alcohol, wine gums are suitable for everyone. We'll take them over a bottle of red any day!

Jelly Babies

Those delicious little jellies are a timeless favourite.


Hard outer shells, a range of flavours; there's no reason why anyone wouldn't want to get their bonbon on.

Pear Drops & Rosy Apples

Both timeless classics, a bag of these fruity favourites always goes down a treat

Turkish Delight

There's something strangely exotic about Turkish Delight. Well, we think so anyway.

Jelly Beans

The certain way to please a group of people, Jelly Beans come in a range of exotic flavours.

Sweets of the 60s, 70s and 80s

The next range of old-fashioned sweets is those that come in bright boxes. We're talking about milk teeth, milk gums and obviously, dip dabs. The sherbet classics come with the fruity lollipop that’ll keep anyone entertained for hours! Once you've finished with your dip dab, there's room surely for a sherbet fountain, a classic retro sweet that’s made in the UK. There are millions of these made every month!

We couldn't have a retro confectionery page without mentioning spogs, could we? The small liquorice sweets come in two colours, pink and bright blue, with those little bobbles on top! Whilst we’re talking about nostalgic liquorice sweets, we've got hard liquorice sticks, a classic from Bassett’s as well as those lovely Catherine wheels that have a whole sprog in the middle!

Express Delivery on Our Wholesale Sweets

An account with us means you can get the best prices on a selection of candy brands.  Just browse our website, create order and stock your store!

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