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Wholesale Kingsway Sweets

Our massive selection of wholesale Kingsway sweets comprises of more than 100+ products. These include the children's favourite flying saucers as well as foam mushrooms, Dracula teeth and of cours... Read More

Our massive selection of wholesale Kingsway sweets comprises of more than 100+ products. These include the children's favourite flying saucers as well as foam mushrooms, Dracula teeth and of course, fizzy jelly mix. Our range of Kingsway confectionery is growing daily too, so watch out for more lines coming soon. Kingsway candy has been around since the 1960s and is still manufactured in Loughborough.

We’re proud to be wholesale Kingsway sweets suppliers of one the most popular candy brands who date back to the 1960s. Kingsway are a confectionery brand that include lots and lots of popular candies, including Dracula teeth, foam mushrooms and fizzy cola bottles.

Who Makes Kingsway Sweets?

Kingsway was originally launched to provide retailers with a steady-quality and better-value array of bulk pick and mix sweets. Created by some of the industry's top manufacturers, many thousands of weigh-out sweets are served up under the Kingsway brand today, allowing retailers to capitalise on the profitability of this vital confectionery sector.

Based in the UK, Kingsway is owned by Hancocks sweets but have many factories based in the EU producing tonnes of jelly and gummy sweets which are packed under the Kingsway brand. Their other items include ABC letters, tutti frutti mix and even a beach jelly mix.

A huge UK retro sweet brand, these guys produce thousands of bestselling lines, our favourites being their delightfully fizzy and sour fizzy bubblegum mallow bottles.

What Are Kingsway Sweets? 

Kingsway is a UK confectionery brand with a mammoth assortment of pick n mix sweets like their bubblegum bonbons, fizzy strawberries and fizzy snakes. We have numerous popular Kingsway products to offer. And the best thing? Some of their confectionery is vegetarian, too. Whether you’re looking for candy for your customers or something to satisfy your own sugar craving, rest assured you’ll find it amongst our range of Kingsway sweets.

They’re often seen in traditional sweet shops, market stalls, and pick ‘n mix stands, with many childhood favourites manufactured under this name. Specialising in classic sweets such as lollipops and flying saucers, these wholesale Kingsway sweets are bound to be bestsellers with customers of all ages.

Types of Wholesale Kingsway Sweets in the UK

Over the last decade or so, the brand has been expanded furthermore to comprise an extensive selection of Kingsway sweet jars, children's sweets, sweet bags, chocolate bars and seasonal confectionery products.

The range includes several types on Kingsway bon bons, a classic, chewy sweet covered in powdered sugar. This includes old-fashioned flavours such as apple or blackcurrant, and newer, unusual flavours like bubblegum. You may want to stock up on gummy sweets such as cola bottles or Dracula teeth, sold in large, 3KG bags. This range includes jelly teeth, jelly bones, fried eggs, and all the favourites that people remember from their childhood.

Lollipops are also a favourite in sweet shops and Appleton Sweets offers many flavours from their gourmet range. These wholesale Kingsway lollipops have strong, distinctive flavours such as fizzy cola, citrus, bubblegum, and much more. We also offer bulk boxes of popular favourites such as rum balls, Turkish delight, and much more.

Appleton Sweets has been established since 1945, and in that time, we’ve kept expanding our range of wholesale sweets. You can buy brands such as Kingsway, Barnetts, Haribo and more through our easy-to-use website, and get great cash and carry prices on all our products.

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