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Wholesale Top 50 Pick N Mix Sweets

Pick n mix sweets create moments of nostalgia and are a firm feature in the quintessential British childhood. People of all ages love them, from the traditional rhubarb and custards and sherbet lemons to fizzy Dracula teeth and sour bonbons.

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Pick n mix sweets create moments of nostalgia and are a firm feature in the quintessential British childhood. People of all ages love them, from the traditional rhubarb and custards and sherbet lemons to fizzy Dracula teeth and sour bonbons.

Pick and mix sweets make a great feature in your shop. They're also a fantastic addition to any party and cute addition to a wedding. Loved by kids and adults alike, they have always been and will always be a winning success.

Pick and Mix Sweets Make the Perfect Gifts

Special occasions deserve to be celebrated and nothing says 'I care' like a bag of pick and mix sweets. We stock a range of confectionery that make perfect gifts for people of all ages. Show your customers they don't need to have a huge budget to buy special gifts for their loved ones. Bring back childhood memories with our nostalgic selection, or choose from our modern range of candy that brings together unique flavours. We guarantee that stocking our pick and mix in your shop will generate excellent results.

The Sweets You Need in Your Shop

When it comes to pick'n'mix, we have complete works. Here are the top 50 pick n mix sweets that we believe should feature prominently on your stands.

1] Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles

One of our absolute best selling pick n mix sweets, children and adults will fill their bags with these delightful sweets. They are a pick n mix lover’s dream.

2] Barley Sugar

Made by Swizzels Matlow, these are superbly classic boiled sweets. Individually wrapped and full of fruit flavour.

3] Blackcurrant and liquorice

Who doesn’t love the sweetness of blackcurrant, mixed with the sour taste of liquorice? These little retro sweets are individually wrapped and are a delight!

4] Chocolate Limes

Tilley’s Chocolate Limes bring together the delightful sourness of the lime and luxurious sweet chocolate. Any pick n mix stand featuring chocolate limes will make adults and children alike, extremely happy!

5] Cough Candy

Tilley’s Cough Candy is individually wrapped in aniseed sweets. A lovely old fashioned boiled sweet still loved to this day.

6] Fruit Salad and Black Jack Chews

Candyland Fruit Salad and Black Jacks are supplied by Tangerine and are British classics. Fruit salads are a tasty raspberry and pineapple flavour and Black Jacks are aniseed.

7] Fizzy Cola Bottles

Barratt Fizzy Cola Bottles are supplied by Tangerine and are a sweet that has really stood the test of time. They were once voted the nation's favourite sweet! A well-deserved accolade!

8] Strawberry Refreshers

It’s crazy how loved these sweets are. They are true retro sweets, all individually wrapped and big enough to give you a great satisfying chew!

9] Refreshers

The classic Swizzels Refreshers Chew is a retro must-have for any confectionery shop.

10] Sherbet Lemons

Tilley’s Sherbet Lemons are lusciously sweet and perfectly succable! The hard lemon candy shell on the outside covers the sharp sherbet fizz inside. It’s always a treat to get to that part, no matter your age!

11] Bumper Bananas

The squishy bright yellow bananas are the perfect pick and mix sweets! Made by Tangerine, these big foam yellow bananas are one of their top-selling products.

12] Honeycomb Bites

Bonnerex Honeycomb Bites are always a favourite. Made by Rascals, they are toffee and honeycomb bite-sized pieces, all covered in delicious chocolate.

13] Chocolate Raisins

Bonnerex Chocolate Raisins are sweet, they’re healthy (well, there are raisins in there!) and they are covered in creamy smooth chocolate. Whoever thought of this combination, was a genius!

14] Sugar-Free Sherbet Lemons

Yes you read that correctly! A perfect addition to a fun sweet stand for a children’s party, Thornes Sugar-Free Sherbet Lemons will give you the pleasure of the sweet without the rush of sugar!

15] Pear Drops

Tilley’s Jargonelle Pear Drops are a British classic. The lovely pear drops are all individually wrapped and come in assorted flavours, but all with the underlying pear flair!

16] Giant Strawberries

Haribo Giant Strawberries are one of our most popular products. They're gelatine free so are suitable for vegetarians. Stocking these pick and mix sweets means your customers will fill their bags in no time.

17] Heart Throbs

Haribo Heart Throbs are those little heart-shaped soft squidgy Haribo sweets that everyone adores! A popular member of the Starmix range, any store that offers these foam pick and mix sweets will make a profit.

18] Rhubarb and Custards

Tilley’s Rhubarb and Custards are an absolute favourite amongst adults and children. Perfectly nostalgic, these sweets are the perfect quintessential British sweet.

19] Bubblegum

Barratt Anglo Bubbly are individually wrapped, pink, round and smooth bubblegum portions. You would imagine Danny Zuko blowing bubbles with this exact brand, it is suitably retro! Note, Barratt Anglo Bubbly is suitable for vegetarians.

20] Jelly Babies

Barratt Jelly Babies are an old traditional retro sweet that needs to feature on any pick n mix stand. They come in multi-coloured soft chewy candy with a touch of dusting on the outside. They taste scrumptious!

21] Strawberries and Cream

Tilley’s Strawberries and Creams are the perfect British classic flavour in a boiled sweet.

22] Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles

Barratt Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles are made by Tangerine and these little fizzy sour cherry cola flavoured bottles literally fly out of candy stands! A definite favourite amongst all age groups.

23] Fizzy dummies

Barratt Fizzy Dummies are unwrapped, fizzy sour jelly sweets in the shape of dummies. What’s not to love!

24] Fizzy Strawberry Belts

Kervan Fizzy Strawberry Belts have a luscious fruity flavour. Kids love them. Adults love them. They're a perfect pick n mix staple.

25] Jelly Beans

Haribo Jelly Beans are a popular retro sweet from the past. These fruity multi-colour jelly bean sweets are bursting with flavour and are a sweet favourite amongst all.

26] Milk Bottles

Haribo Milk Bottles are little moreish milk bottles that taste glorious!

27] Sour Raspberry Bon Bons

These wonderfully sour bonbons feature a sour outer coating and a chewy toffee centre. They're a real hit with kids and adults alike.

28] Mini Cables

Little twisted bite-sized pieces of marshmallow. Soft and chewy with a wonderfully light and enjoyable texture!

29] Kola Cubes

Fabulously retro unwrapped little cubes of cola sweetness all covered in that sweet familiar dusting.

30] Milk Chocolate Eclairs

Walker’s milk chocolate eclairs consist of rich creamy caramel with a milk chocolate surprise in the centre.

31] Fruit Bon Bons

Lutti Fruit Bon Bons are individually wrapped hard-boiled sweet on the outside, soft chewy fruity pleasure on the inside.

32] Chocolate Flavoured Footballs

Kids go crazy for these. Kinnerton’s Choc Flavoured Footballs are individually wrapped balls of chocolate each packaged like a football.

33] Rosy Apples

Tilley’s Rosy Apples are a very popular choice and definitely one of our best sellers. They taste apples. They look like apples! They are little boiled sweets, all individually wrapped and perfectly formed!

34] Love Hearts

Swizzels mini packs of Love Hearts are still as popular as ever! Do you remember giving that special someone a love heart in the playground, with a suitably adorable message? Well, kids are still doing this now! The magic of these never fades.

35] Meerkats

Kingsway Meerkats are supplied by I.C.A. Meerkat shaped fruit flavoured gummies? Why of course they are popular!

36] Jelly Spogs

Barratt Jelly Spogs are those pink and blue aniseed tasting soft liquorice coated jelly spogs covered in pink and blue tiny beads.

37] Spearmint Chews

Victoria Spearmint Chews are big white minty chews with the loveliest toffee flavour.

38] Chocolate Fruits

Tilley’s Chocolate Fruits are individually wrapped hard crispy shells with a chocolate filling centre. They will fly out of your store!

39] MilkTeeth

Milk Teeth are supplied by Barratt. They are perfectly fruity flavoured soft foam sweets in the shape of teeth! Fun to be had by all!

40] Mint Humbugs

Tilley’s Mint Humbugs are those traditional black and brown stripey mints with a chewy centre. They're enduringly popular and here to stay.

41] Pineapple Cubes

Tilley’s Pineapple Cubes are like Kola cubes only they are pineapple flavour and bright yellow. They are equally luscious!

42] Traffic Light Pops

Crawford’s Traffic Light Pops has always been a best-selling lollypop.

43] Liquorice Cream Rock

Haribo Liquorice Cream Rock can’t be left out of a pick n mix stand. These are small bites of soft liquorice rock that come with pink, yellow and white filling.

44] Fizzy Strawberry Pencils

Kervan Fizzy Strawberry Pencils are fabulously fizzy, sticks of strawberry.

45] Barratt Dip Dabs

Dip dabs are one of the most popular retro sweets on the planet. They come with a fruity lollipop and lots of candy sherbet to dip the lolly in.

46] Bubblegum Bon Bons

A dusted coating on a hard outside and then chew into the toffee centre. It’s no wonder these sweets have been a firm favourite for years.

47] Shrimps

Barratt Small Foam Shrimps have had a firm place in every pick n mix stand in the country for many years. These are the new, all-natural version of the shrimps that you used to buy as a kid.

48] Chocolate Brazils

Bonnerex Chocolate Brazils are still top sellers. These delights are a brazil nut, wrapped up in creamy chocolate. A winning combination!

49] Fizzy Dracula Teeth

Kingsway Fizzy Dracula Teeth are fizzy and fruity and just the right size to sit under any top lip whilst performing a scary cackle to anyone present.

50] Fizzy Strawberries

Fizzy Strawberries are a pick n mix favourite. You would be hard pushed to find a pick n mix stand in the country that does not include these. Strawberry flavoured jelly sweets coated in tongue-tingling fizzy delight!

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