Wholesale Halal Sweets

wholesale halal sweets

At Appleton Sweets, we stock a range of wholesale halal approved confectionery. This is produced by a wide variety of sweet manufacturers.

All of the items in this category are certified. This means you can offer your customers their favourite treats, while still meeting strict dietary requirements.

We ensure that all our halal sweets are approved by the official board.

The halal certified sweets that we sell use halal gelatine instead of pig gelatine. However, the manufacturers use the same techniques to make them. So you still get the same great taste.

As soon as we introduced a range of halal approved sweets into our cash and carry, we soon found high demand for them.

Along with help from customers, we introduced a range of 100+ various halal certified


Appleton Sweets now have a wide selection of halal candy products available.

These include Dexters Dyna Stix, which come in an array of flavours, and other Dexters goodies too.

Our range of bulk halal candy also includes lots of other favourites, including alternatives to halal Haribo sweets.

You’ll find Cola Bottles, Sour Worms, Sour Dummies, and Gummy Bears, all sold in large bags of 2-3KG.

This means you can sell them by weight. These sweets are often sold in traditional sweet shops, market stalls, and pick ‘n mix counters. They’re popular with people of all ages too. Bonus!

Other popular products in our range include Marshmallows and even Gummy Penguins!

Whether your customers are on a strict diet or not, they’re bound to love treats such as our giant fruit cables. They'll also enjoy items such as bubblegum and gobstoppers. These are always popular with old and young alike. Enjoy browsing our range of halal candy below.


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