Blackcurrant Millions

Blackcurrant flavour Millions are natural, sweet and bursting with energy! Purple in colour and full of natural ingredients. Blackcurrant flavour is gluten-free and vegan-friendly! Blackcurrant Millions are just one of the many great flavours in the Millions range that are made by Golden Casket.

Other flavours include:




- Vimto (the newest flavour!)

-Chocolate Strawberry

-Sour Strawberry




Blackcurrant Millions are available from Appleton Sweets in various packages. They are available as Blackcurrant Millions tapers, Blackcurrant Millions shakers, Blackcurrant Millions jars and Blackcurrant Millions tubes.

Mouth-watering and timeless! Blackcurrants characters are “Fuzz and Buzz”, energetic friends who are full of fun! They’re not boyfriend and girlfriend but they’re stylish, trendy and up-to-date with the latest fashion! Enjoy browsing our range of Blackcurrant Millions sweets below.

They may look like tiny purple sweets but they’re bursting with tasty blackcurrant flavour. Enjoy!


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4 Item(s)

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