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Millions Blackcurrant Jar - 2.27kg

£18.49 ex. VAT

Product SKU: 132354

Millions Blackcurrant Jar - 2.27kg has a weight of 2.27 kg and contains the barcode 5017375132354.

We have 118 available in stock, ready to be despatched.

Million's Blackcurrant Jar are small pieces of chewy candy that are purple in colour.Blackcurrant is just one of the many great flavours in the millions range,made by golden casket.All millions come in a large jar and weighs 2.27kg. Kids love millions as they get lots of sweets for their money!We stock a huge range in the millions products and in many different flavours.Please see our larger range of Golden Casket products that are now available and in stock.These Millions Blackcurrant Jars are now available wholesale and can be brought at Appleton Sweets