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Sweets For Movie Night

10 Sweets That Are Perfect for Your Next Movie Night

There's nothing like a movie night, is there? Years ago, we'd head to Blockbuster Video and pick a selection of films, but now we're spoiled for choice. Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV and many more streaming apps make it possible to throw an impromptu film fest whenever we feel like it.

One thing that does require a lot of planning is the food you'll serve when you host a movie night. There are plenty of choices available, from pizzas to popcorn and candy, but which sweets make the perfect film food?

Why Are Sweets Important For Movie Night?

We all love our binging on our favourite movies, and the sheer choice means you don't need to spend a lot of money at the cinema. There's nothing quite like sitting in front of your flat-screen TV, with the lights out watching the latest horror, or binging on those epic 90's chick flicks. The one thing that makes the cinema such a memorable experience is the choice of snacks. From popcorn and nachos to the pick and mix counter and even hot dogs, it's the perfect opportunity to indulge. It's no secret that cinema food is notoriously expensive, but you can recreate the experience at home for a fraction of the price. Movie night wouldn't be the same without your favourite snacks, so let's take a look at the range of confectionery available.

Who Can Resist a Giant Tub of Popcorn?

OK, some people might argue that popcorn isn't confectionery, but we feel it's worth mentioning. After all, what's a movie night without sweet, salty or combination popcorn? You might be surprised to learn that popcorn can be a healthy treat, but order at the cinema, and you're going to pack in some serious calories. Luckily, there are plenty of healthier options available, including Skinny Popcorn, or you can make it at home. Buying a popcorn maker is a great way to make some weird and wonderful creations at home. Better still, you can add nut butter and sugar-free syrups to the mix and enjoy a guilt-free treat. Anyway, popcorn is great, but we're all about the candy at Appleton Sweets. Our team of sweet-toothed experts have tried and tested a lot of candy in their time, and these are our top picks for your movie night treats.

The 10 best types of candy to eat while watching a movie M&M's

Who doesn't love the classic M&M'S? They're the perfect mixture of chocolatey goodness with a crunchy outer shell and irresistible moreish. With the option of plain chocolate or peanut M&M's, these sweets will be sure to please at your movie night.


We all know that Skittles are famous for their 'Taste the Rainbow' slogan, and the delicious sweets are full of fruity flavours. For most people, the red and purple Skittles are a firm favourite, but in our opinion, they're all good.

Skittles also come in lip-smacking, tongue-tingling sour flavours if you're looking for something stronger. They're incredibly sour, and you'll either love or hate them - but hey, you've got to try them, right?


Are you planning an epic Hollywood movie night? If so, you can complete your salute to the USA by indulging in one of the countries most infamous candy brands. Reese's is the perfect choice if you're looking for a salty and sweet snack.

The combination of chocolate and peanut butter is incredible, and you can choose between peanut butter cups, chewy pieces and much more. Both affordable and delicious, Reese's will soon become your go-to snack for film night.


We all love Haribo, and the world's most famous gummy sweet brand doesn't need an introduction. From those addictive foam eggs to cola bottles and everything in-between,

Haribo is sure to please. Just be aware that most Haribo sweets aren't vegetarian or vegan friendly, but some supermarkets do stock plant-based packs.

Barratt Sweets

If you want to save money or are hosting a movie night for many people, Barratt's wholesale gummy sweets are a cost-effective and tasty solution. Choose from an assortment of flavours, including strawberries, jelly babies and fizzy cola bottles.


If you're looking for a fruity sensation, Starburst is the sweet for you. Formerly known as Opal Fruits, these sweets have been around a long time and continue to be a top seller in the confectionery industry. They come in various colours and flavours and are gluten-free, non-GMO, and the UK version is vegan.

Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles

These classic British sweets are perfect for any movie night and come in bright, delicious flavours, including orange, strawberry, raspberry and lemon. Better still, Fruit Pastilles are now officially suitable for vegans!

If you're looking for sweets that are suitable for everyone, then you can't go wrong with these sugar-coated delights.

Retro Sweets

Retro sweets are great for a good old fashioned movie night, and there are so many to choose between. From lemon bonbons to mint humbugs, you can enjoy a range of classic flavours, so get out the black and white films and take yourself back to a much simpler time.

We stock wholesale retro sweet jars, which are perfect if you want to save money while enjoying your favourite hard-boiled candies.


You can't go wrong with marshmallows, and they're perfect as a movie night mixer. Dip them in melted chocolate, or mix them with your popcorn for the ultimate indulgent treat. Just remember to share!

Pick and Mix Bags

Pick and mix sweets are a fan favourite because they combine a range of flavours and textures. Better still, pick and mix is a cost-effective option because you can buy wholesale and turn your home into the go-to place for movie night.

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