Best Mothers Day Gifts & Ideas 2022

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As the old saying goes 'there's nothing like the love of a mother', which is why so many of us celebrate the women that gave us life every year. Mother's Day is about giving thanks to your mum and showing her how much you care. 

It's one of the most important holidays for shop owners, especially for florists and confectioners, because there are plenty of opportunities to sell more products. 

Before we go into our best Mother's Day gifts and ideas for 2021, we'll tell you a bit about the history of Mothering Sunday. 

Why Celebrate Mothering Sunday?

While many people think Mother's Day came from the US, people in the UK have dedicated a day to their mothers since the middle ages. During this period, people often married and moved away from home, but they were allowed to visit their 'mother' churches and parents for one day a year. 

Over time this became known as Mothering Sunday, but you probably know of it as Mother's Day, the US holiday. 

Like most holidays, Mothers Day varies each year, but it's usually in March. It's a day where people take time away from their busy lives to celebrate their mother's and step-mother. 

There are many reasons people celebrate the occasion, but it's mostly to show gratitude and take care of your mother instead of the other way round. 

Top Choices For Mother's Day Gifts 

We'd like to think that most people want to do something special for their mum this year, so let's take a look at some fantastic gifts and ideas. 


You don't have to spend a fortune on gifts because most women love the taste of Prosecco. It's a form of Champagne, and there are many different types to choose from. Whether your main lady prefers sparkling, semi-sparkling or still Prosecco, it's a sure-fire way to show her you care. 

We love the idea of combining Prosecco with some Beech's cream chocolates to create a gift that's perfect for relaxing. Beech's have many chocolate gift boxes available including:

  • Orange creams
  • Turkish delight 
  • Coffee creams 
  • Rose & Violet creams 
  • Strawberry creams 
The Gin Lovers Gift Box 

There are plenty of gin gift sets on offer, but you can also make your own. From flavoured gins to old favourites, there's something for everyone. Better still, gin has become a fan favourite once again after many years of sitting on the shelf; it's back in fashion. 

We recommend you pair gin with chocolate-covered brazil nuts from Beech's. You could also add your mothers favourite sweets, but coffee and ginger creams go well with this gin gift. 

Pick n Mix 

If your mother has a sweet tooth, then she'll appreciate a candy-themed gift. There's nothing better than indulging in a bag of your favourite pick n mix, so you can guarantee it makes a beautiful gift for Mother's Day. 

There are so many sweets to choose from, and sweet shop owners can make a lot of money from offering special Mothering Sunday pick n mix bags. 

The top sweets include: 

  • Jazzies: milk, dark and white chocolate discs covered in sprinkles. 
  • Foams: Bananas and shrimp are old favourites that are still popular today. 
  • Jelly Beans: Choose gourmet flavours to create a high-end gift. 
  • Jelly Sweets: Haribo are the most popular of jelly sweets, and you can choose from single bags or large boxes of jelly sweets. 

You can also mix in some chocolates, toffee and fudge. 

Spa Love 

With most gyms and spas shut down at the moment, people are turning to home beauty treatments. Most women like to take care of themselves, so sending a spa-themed gift will be much appreciated. 

We love the idea of face masks because they're relaxing and perfect for skin maintenance. Choose from a range of masks, or combine face masks with our beauty treatments such as a foot spa. 

For the perfect present, you can add sweets to the mix. Women especially enjoy parma violets and love heart sweets because they have wonderful flavours and bright colours. Love hearts also have special messages written on each sweet. 

A Taste of the USA

The USA brings us many wonderful things. From TV shows to fast food, our love for the country continues to grow. If you want to get your mother something unique, you can't go wrong with American candy. 


The USA equivalent to Cadburys Dairy Milk, Hershey's is a delicious chocolate bar, with popular flavours such as cookies n cream, peanut and pretzels and milk chocolate. There are also bite-sized Hershey's chocolate bits. 


Reeses make delicious peanut butter treats, and it would be near impossible to not fall in love with them. Whether you choose peanut butter cups, Reese's chocolate bars or pieces, we guarantee any mother will enjoy them. 

Don't forget to check out our selection of US drinks, which make an excellent accompaniment to both Hershey's and Reese's chocolate. 

The Vegan Gift 

It's difficult to buy gifts for anyone, but especially vegans. Not only are they meat and dairy-free, but they also won't use products from manufacturers that conduct animal testing. If you're scratching your head wondering what to get a vegan mother or in-law then have no fear. 

Vegan Sweets and Jewellery

A lovely necklace shows you care, but vegan sweets show you're willing to go the extra mile. At Appleton's, we stock an extensive selection of vegan sweets, including: 

  • Cola bottles 
  • Strawberry
  • Fizzy bears 
  • Fruity hearts 
  • Rainbow belts
  • Rings
  • Twin cherries 

You can create a pick and mix theme or put the sweets you choose for your mum in beautiful jars. You could buy so many things for vegans, but sweets are one of the things they probably miss most.  

Don't forget vegan boiled sweets such as barley sugars and lemon sherberts. 

Hopefully, you've got some fantastic Mother's Day gifts and ideas for 2021. If you'd like to learn more about Appleton's or want exclusive offers, discounts and information about new products, sign up to our newsletter.

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