Chocolate Bars We'd Love to Make a Comeback

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Chocolate Bars

Ah, chocolate. It's sweet, creamy, delicious and the perfect way to unwind after a long day. Whether it's with coffee, wine, milk or even water, the majority of people in the UK enjoy treating themselves to their favourite bar. 

From long-time favourites such as Cadbury's Dairy Milk to the Snickers and Hershey's brands, so many chocolate bars have stood the test of time and are still as popular today. But unfortunately, many others failed to make the long-term impression they needed to survive. 

Let's take a look at the chocolate bars we'd love to make a comeback. 

Cadbury's Snowflake 

Why, oh why did Cadbury's give us something so wonderful then rip it out of our hands?! The Snowflake was a traditional Cadbury's flake, but it was made of white chocolate instead. The white flake was then coated in milk chocolate, and it was delicious. 

Nobody knows why the Snowflake didn't go all the way and make it onto the Cadbury's A-Team of sweets, but we do know that it's greatly missed. They could bring it back for one month a year, and we'd be happy, but it's not looking good. We'll just have to enjoy the memory of buying one of these beauties from the school vending machines. 

Cadbury's Dream 

Continuing the theme of remembering the times Cadbury's gave us something so unique, then ripped it away, is the brief love affair we had with their Dream bar. White chocolate was the theme, and much like their milk and dark chocolate offerings - Cadbury's did it so well. 

While the Dream is no longer around in the UK, you can sometimes find it on websites such as Amazon. Cadbury's did, however, release a white chocolate bar recently, and while it's not called the Dream, people do say it tastes similar - so here's hoping! 

Mars Delight

Mars Delight was fluffier and creamier than the traditional Mars Bar, so it came as a shock when the company decided to discontinue it. Perhaps it didn't have the dense flavours Mars is known for, but it was the perfect treat for many people. 

Although discontinued in 2008, the legacy of Mars Delight lives on. Someone even bought a bar 11 years past its use-by date for £50 on eBay. 

McVities Penguin Flipper Dippers 

Do you remember Flipper Dippers? Let us remind you. McVities are known for their chocolate biscuits, but they went one further with Flipper Dippers. Penguin shaped biscuits languished in one compartment, and you could choose between milk and white chocolate dipping sections. 

You probably had these in your lunchbox at some point, and in their prime, they were extremely popular. Now, the dippers no longer exist, and while people often forget about them, hopefully, this post helps you remember dipping those flippers. 

Terry's Pyramint

You won't be alone if you don't remember Terry's Pyramint because the chocolate orange usually takes precedence over every other chocolate bar the company has ever created. BUT, there was such a thing as a mint chocolate flavoured pyramid - once upon a time. 

Despite having a great concept, the Pyramint failed to capture the hearts of consumers, and it was discontinued in the early 1990s. Perhaps Toblerone and After Eights were just too popular for Terry's to compete, but their Chocolate Orange is just as popular. 

Cadbury Snaps 

Why did Cadbury discontinue their Snaps? They were like Pringles in chocolate form, which made them incredibly moreish and impossible to say no to. With popular flavours including mint, hazelnut and orange, they were a favourite among people of all ages. 

It's unknown why they no longer exist, but we genuinely hope that one day we see Snaps make a return to the supermarket shelves. 

In the meantime, you can satisfy your cravings with a selection of wholesale chocolate bars, including Galaxy, Maltesers, Twix White Bar and Nestle Caramac. 

Cadbury Astros

An authentic 1990s classic, Astros were tiny little biscuit balls covered in milk chocolate and a favourite among younger people. The company introduced Astros to compete with Smarties, but they never really gained the same fan base as other Cadbury's favourites. 

Although Astro's are no longer available in the UK, they impacted South Africa, and you can buy them over there. 

Mars Planets 

Another popular choice in its day, Mars Planets, were tiny little balls filled with a surprise treat reminiscent of the classic Mars bar. You could get a nougat centre, caramel centre or a crispy centre. Ultimately, they were a direct competitor of Revels, and for some reason, Mars Planets just didn't make the impact the manufacturers expected. 

By 2007, the sweets were falling out of popularity, and they practically just faded away. Perhaps it was because Revels had more flavours to experience, or maybe other chocolate offerings of the time overshadowed Planets. We'd love them to make a comeback, though. 

Cadbury's Marble 

Last but not least is Cadbury's Marble. The silky smooth chocolate bar was a mixture of milk chocolate, white chocolate with a hazelnut praline centre. To put it simply, the Marble was delicious. 

It began to disappear from the shelves for some unknown reason but maintained its popularity in other countries. Today, you can find Marble's in B&M shops - if you're lucky. They do exist but usually fly off the shelves, so it's unlikely you'll manage to get your hands on one. 

The Wrap Up 

We miss each chocolate bar on our list, but many other long-time favourites have stood the test of time. Why? Because people continue to buy them. On Appleton's website, you'll find a range of delicious wholesale chocolate bars and sweets for sale that guarantee your shop will be successful. 

We also have some unique offerings such as white chocolate Twix bars and Ceramics. Retro chocolates include white mice and Fry's chocolate creams - which are still incredibly popular today. 

Shopping with Appleton's means you get access to all the latest sweets, including limited edition chocolates, so don't delay in stocking your shop.

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