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Creative Gift Ideas For Friends

Real friends stick by your side through hard times and will be there regardless of the distance between you. One thing Covid-19 has taught us is who our real friends are. While some people have lost touch during the pandemic, others grow closer and use the internet to check in with each other regularly. 

If you want to show a special friend how much you appreciate them, there are plenty of ways to spoil them. Whether you have a budget of £5 or £100, we've put together some creative gift ideas for friends. 

But first, we'll talk about the meaning of gift-giving and how it can strengthen friendships. 

Why Is Gift Giving Important?

When people want to show each other that they care, they offer gifts. It's an ancient tradition dating back to cave dwellers, and while gifting is more elaborate today, it still has the same meaning behind it. 

As social beings, we have an instinctive need to seek friendships and relationships with others. According to an article published by The Independent, seven in ten people feel they don't have enough friends, which means the friendships we do have are essential to nurture and maintain. 

Gifts Build Friendships

When someone gives you a gift, it shows they've thought of you. That feeling makes you want to be a better friend, right? Sharing gifts builds relationships, but it's more about the thought than the cost. 

You don't need to spend a fortune on your friends to let them know you're thinking of them because they'll appreciate the thought you put into the gift more than anything. 

Emotional Impact 

While many believe that human beings are selfish creatures, the fact is gift-giving makes us feel good. It's a selfless act because you expect nothing in return, and the emotional benefit is making others happy. 

A classic example is the gifts people buy for their pets. A cat or dog can't buy a gift in return, but by just offering us company and affection, we feel compelled to show our furry friends how much we love them with toys and treats. 

The Best Gift Ideas For Friends 

So, now you know why gift-giving is important, it's time to reveal our top picks to show your friends you appreciate them. There's something for everyone on this list, so sit back and let's get shopping. 

Incense Set

Smoking incense sticks and two cooper jars

Candles are a classic gift, and most people can't say no to a scented candle. But incense has such a unique appeal because there's a large assortment of scents available. Anyone can use incense to make their home smell nicer and enjoy the relaxing aroma. 

Incense can promote better sleep quality, purify the air and help people that suffer from regular stress to wind down and learn to relax. There are scents to suit every mood, including forest smells, Christmas incense and much more. 

For the ultimate relaxation gift, include some chocolates. We recommend Beech's creams because they come in a wide range of flavours. Popular options include ginger, strawberry, rose, mint and orange creams. 

Personalised Pet Portrait 

We all love our pets, and the chances are your friend thinks their furry friend is the best in the world. Show them you agree with a personalised portrait of their pet. It's a great way to share a personal gift, and anyone would appreciate the gesture.

You could even include some dog or cat treats as well as some sweets for your friend. Love hearts and parma violets are popular options for women because they offer nostalgic appeal. Guys will appreciate Haribo or a selection of retro Nerds. 

The Chocoholics Delight

Chocolate box

For some people, chocolate isn't just an occasional treat; it's a way of life. If your friend is a chocoholic, then they'll appreciate a gift that celebrates the decadent treat. With so many options to choose from, it's hard to know where to start. Here are some ideas for chocolate that is sure to please. 

Beech's are a favourite among the British public because they combine rich chocolate with a range of flavoured cream fillings. But if your friend prefers intense and unique flavours, then we'd recommend Whittakers. 

The company offers chocolate flavours that include: 

  • Violet Creams 
  • Salted Caramel Creams
  • Coffee Creams
  • Dark Mint Crisps
  • Black Cherry Creams 

You can buy individual boxes of chocolate or choose to purchase wholesale and put together chocolate gift boxes that feature a selection of flavours. 

Salute to the USA 

The USA is known for doing it bigger and better than any other country, so as you can imagine, they have an expansive collection of sweet treats to choose from. If your friend is a fan of everything starred and striped, then you can put together a USA themed treat hamper. 

Famous chocolate from the USA includes Reese's pieces, cookie dough bites, Hershey's, Charleston Chews and Milk Duds. You can combine some chocolate with candy, including Jelly Belly beans which come in flavours such as popcorn, watermelon and cherry. Jolly Rancher Gummies are also a popular option, as is Marshmallow Fluff. 

Decorate your hamper and add some American soda such as Mug Root Beer and the country's selection of Fanta drinks. 

The Night In Hamper

Relaxing fragrance - bunch of cinnamon, bath bombs

Who doesn't love to pamper themselves while enjoying a relaxing evening? Show your friend how much they mean to you by putting together a unique pamper hamper. You can include a mini bottle of Prosecco, bath bombs, incense and some luxury confectionery. 

Truffles and Belgian chocolates are popular options, but we love the idea of including fudge and toffee in the hamper. Fudge is a decadent treat, and there are plenty of unique flavours, including: 

  • Vanilla
  • Salted Caramel
  • Rum and Raisin
  • Chocolate
  • Nougat 
  • Banoffee
  • After 8 

Whatever you decide to include in the hamper, it's a wonderful way to promote relaxation in difficult times, and you can customise it for male friends by swapping bath bombs and Prosecco for muscle relaxing shower gel and a miniature bottle of Whisky. 

Hopefully, these ideas provide you with some inspiration to create some unique gifts for your friends. Stay tuned to the Appleton's blog to discover the latest confectionery news and fantastic ideas for your sweet shop.