Exploring Exotic Flavours from Appleton’s Candy Collection

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Exploring Exotic Flavours from Appleton’s Candy Collection

Have you ever wondered what straying from the path looks like in the confectionary world? Exotic sweets and chocolate flavours have begun to arrive on the market as consumers' demand for fresh and exciting new tastes has grown.

We’ve made a name for ourselves by stocking adventurous flavour profiles for sweets and chocolates, drawing inspiration from worldwide. We’re diving into some of our favourite exotic flavours in stock and how you can market these tantalising new products to make the most of this trend.

Get ready to explore the unique origins, inspirations and appeal of exotic candy flavours from Appleton Sweets.

Exploring Appleton’s Exotic Sweets Range

Every sweet and chocolate we’ve chosen as part of our exotic flavours range is a testament to bringing new global tastes to the UK market. These sweets celebrate global diversity, from the zesty tang of tropical fruits to the subtle warmth of exotic spices.

The market moves quickly and new trends can pop up out of nowhere, which is why the modern consumer is after adventure, novelty, and a sense of discovery. That’s why our exotic flavours range reflects the desire for diverse and adventurous yet sophisticated taste experiences.

We stock top brands in the confectionary business, so you know the quality is top notch and every sweet treat will be a flavour explosion for your customers. Our wholesale offering is constantly switched up to meet consumer demand, is available with fast delivery, and is ready to help stock your business with new, delicious flavours your customers will love.

A Deep Dive into Key Exotic Flavours

Of course, we have a few favourites that fall under the ‘unusual but delicious’ category. Here’s a selection of what we have on offer if you want to try out something new for your confectionary business.

Retro Sweets

Everybody loves a classic, but sometimes the older flavours have fallen out of fashion - so there’s an opportunity to reintroduce these tastes to new audiences. Zed Candy has a great range of wholesale retro sweets for pick’-n’-mix selections that differ from the norm, like Coconut Jelly Beans, Aniseed Balls or Candy Apple Jelly Beans.

Other options are from the Stockleys range, which has unique flavours like lime and liquorice or chocolate limes paired together. These are all delicious alternatives to refresh your sweets and chocolate selections that younger customers can try out for the first time.

Sour Candies

Looking for new flavours as well as a colourful addition to your sweets selection? Try out some sour candies. Choices like the Kingsway Blue Raspberry Bonbons and Dulce Plus Sour Peach Slices deliver on both fronts. These two depart from regular flavours, offering your customers new and exciting tastes to try out. 

Some new entrants to the market also come with unusual flavour pairings designed to delight. One example is the new Swizzles Drumstick Sour Squashies sweets, which have a sour cherry and apple flavour that’s been a hit with customers.

Can’t decide on which flavours to choose? Go for one that has a bit of everything. The Dulce Plus Multicolour Sour Rings are a hit with all ages and bring some pizzazz to any pick-n’-mix selection.

Imported Sweets

Candies and chocolates from other countries can offer a different flavour range than traditional British sweets and pack in the novelty factor. One such candy is Grape Airheads, which is a classic flavour for American audiences but not nearly as well known in the UK market.

The fun flavours extend to other sweet treats like the Jelly Belly Strawberry Cheesecake Beans, a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, or the Jelly Belly Toasted Marshmallow Beans to bring back childhood memories camping out around the fire.

That doesn’t mean chocolates miss out on creative new flavours. Our Hershey range has all kinds of delightful pairings like Cookies N Creme Salted Caramel or Popping Candy and Sprinkles to pique consumer interest. Kit Kat is a known brand for a British audience, but you can try out new flavours like Kit Kat Churro or Kit Kat Birthday Cake to add a fresh twist to a beloved favourite.

Bringing New Tastes To British Consumers

The British consumer's palate is evolving, and they are increasingly inclined to experiment with new and exotic flavours. If you’re worried about introducing new taste experiences, we have some ideas for getting started.

Free Samples

Unveiling unfamiliar flavours needs a hands-on approach. Organising taste experiences through in-store sampling, pop-up events, or food festivals can be a powerful way to introduce consumers to these new tastes. Letting them experience the flavours firsthand can break down hesitations and stimulate interest.

Use Food Trend Marketing

Social media is filled to the brim with food and drink content - so it’s easy enough to hop on a trending content bandwagon and add your business’ voice to the mix. Use the potential to go viral as an opportunity to promote new flavours and products - and hey, you might even pick up some new customers too.

Collaborations and Influencers

Collaborating with well-known chefs, food bloggers, or influencers who have a strong following in the food and lifestyle sectors can amplify the reach of your new exotic sweets and chocolates offering. These collaborations can involve creating unique recipes using the sweets or featuring them in high-visibility social media content.

Seasonal Campaigns

Tailoring promotions to align with British holidays or seasons can also be effective. For example, introducing a mango-flavoured sweet as a taste of summer or a cinnamon-infused treat for the autumn can create timely interest and relevance.

Final Thoughts

Exotic sweets are a big trend right now, and the key lies in clever marketing to give British audiences the new and exciting flavours they’re craving. Now, it's your turn to embark on this tasty adventure. 

Whether you're a long-time lover of sweets or a curious newcomer to exotic flavours, Appleton's has something to surprise and delight you. Check out our online collection to discover the new and unusual confectionary range for yourself. Embrace the exotic – your adventure with Appleton's awaits.

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