Fun New Year's Eve Desserts

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New Year's Eve Desserts

New Year’s Eve will soon be here and with it, the promise of parties and a countdown to ring in the new year.

You might be attending a New Year’s party and want to bring something sweet for the guests. Or perhaps you’re hosting your own event and looking for some serious dessert inspiration to impress your partygoers.

Whatever the case, we’ve got you covered. Below we’ve laid out our favourite New Year’s Eve desserts that will sure to be crowd-pleasers at any event.

Let’s take a look.

New Year’s Eve desserts

Everyone has a slightly different tradition for New Year’s Eve, but there’s always one thing in common: it’s a night to celebrate the end of the year and gather with friends and family.

Whether you’re after something more involved or fancy making something quick and easy but still with the wow factor, this list will have all tastes and ability ranges covered.

Tarte Tatin

This French dessert is a must-have for any sophisticated New Year’s Eve soiree. Tarte tatin is traditionally made with apples, but pears, apricots or even bananas work well in its place.

You could add a festive twist to your tarte tatin by adding rum-soaked sultanas to the mix. Try topping with shaved chocolate pieces and serving with brandy butter for an extra luxurious feel that your guests will love.

Fortune cookies

These beloved takeout classics are actually easy to make at home - and you can customise your own fortunes with whatever you like. Personalising them to each guest is a special touch that’s sure to be appreciated!

Dip your fortune cookies in chocolate or spray with edible glitter to elevate them to the next level. Guests are sure to love this fun and interactive dessert.

Chocolate-covered strawberries

This dessert idea is so simple it doesn’t feel like a proper recipe, yet packs a serious wow factor at a New Year’s Eve party. Serve them next to the prosecco or champagne for a delightful combination of fruit and fizz.

You can make this dessert your own by making patterns in the melted chocolate, dipping the strawberries in nuts or adding some edible stars. You could even paint on little tuxedos in chocolate to give your strawberries a dapper look.

Sticky toffee pudding

This dessert is a mainstay of the winter months and would be a great centrepiece for New Year’s Eve. Sticky toffee pudding can be mostly prepared in advance and there are hundreds of different recipes with self-saucing versions depending on your preference.

For a fiery kick, add crystallised ginger into the batter and top with some candied ginger pieces, available as part of our confectionary range.

Linzer cookies

This Austrian biscuit has a humble mix of ingredients that combine to create a melt-in-the-mouth cookie that your party-goers are sure to enjoy. These cookies are popular for the festive season across Europe.

Usually cut into rounds and sandwiched between raspberry jam, you can customise your Linzer cookies with cocoa powder in the biscuit mix or get creative with the cut-out centre shapes.

Spiced chocolate tart

A chocolate tart is the perfect dessert to make ahead of time and enjoy with loved ones. Bound to put a smile on anyone’s face, adding spices into the chocolate ganache mix gives the tart a luxurious and elegant twist.

Top with candied orange peel or berries to complement the richness of the chocolate and warm spices.

Prosecco cupcakes

Give the average cupcake an upgrade with prosecco-soaked sponge. Prosecco cupcakes are great for celebrations and pair nicely with flavours like lemon and strawberry. You could even mix prosecco into the buttercream for an extra fizzy kick.

These cupcakes would look wonderful topped with chocolates from our liqueurs range - take a look to see what we have on offer.

Individual trifles

Trifles are a brilliant dessert for any season, but can be a real show-stopper when it comes to ringing in the new year. You could even use up leftover ingredients from Christmas, like panettone in place of the usual ladyfinger biscuits or cranberries in place of cherries.

If you’re feeling extra fancy, topping your trifle with sparklers would wow your guests and really elevate your dessert. We’ve also got a great range of sweets that would make great decorations.

Chocolate mousse

A chocolate mousse can be a truly decadent dessert and prepped the day before to give you more time to mingle. To add a special touch to your chocolate mousse you could serve in individual champagne saucers or use edible glitter to add some sparkle.

Chocolate mousse is also great for adding in new flavours if you want to try something different. Espresso and salted caramel would be great additions for your New Year’s Eve bash.

Champagne cake pops

New Year’s Eve and champagne go hand in hand - so naturally, a champagne-themed recipe had to be on the cards. Try out strawberries and champagne cake pops for a sophisticated and luxe dessert for your New Year’s Eve party.

Serving these as cake pops makes them a bite-sized dessert that will keep your guests coming back for more. Cover in white chocolate and edible glitter for a truly special finish.

Chocolate truffles

Truffles are rich little balls of heaven and perfect for any New Year’s Eve soiree. There are thousands of recipes for chocolate truffles but our favourite has just three ingredients for the base: melted chocolate, butter and double cream.

If you’re looking to take your truffles to the next level, consider adding in extra flavours like freeze-dried raspberries, orange zest or a nutty coating.

Wrapping up

This guide to the best fun New Year’s Eve desserts should give you everything you need to pull off a night to remember. These delectable sweet treats will leave your guests ready to kick off the new year in style.

Want to top off your sweet creations with some extra decor, but don’t know where to start? Our selection of wholesale sweet jars has everything you need to finish off your New Year’s Eve desserts with the perfect touch.

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