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Make Chocolate Gift Jars

How to Make Chocolate Gift Jars

Well, you've probably heard of hot chocolate in a jar, and while it's a great idea - many people find that preparing it can be a hassle. So in this post, we're going to discuss some fantastic ideas for making chocolate gift jars that everyone can enjoy. 

OK, Let's dive in. 

Simple but Sweet 

You don't have to be an arts and crafts genius to create unique gifts - because a jar, paper and pen can be all you need. Simple and sweet chocolate jars rely on sentiment rather than design - so anyone can offer them as gifts. 

All you need to do is grab a mason jar and fill it with your recipients favourite chocolates. A simple name tag or message that shows the person you're thinking of them is more than enough. 

You can add a quote or meaningful message too. There's so much you can do with a simple design, so don't let your arts and crafts inexperience stop you from doing something special. 

Retro Sweet Surprise 

You don't need to spend a lot of money on meaningful gifts because most people will appreciate a combination of chocolate and sweets. Start with a basic chocolate layer, and add some retro sweets into the mix. 

There are so many to choose between, so you should think about your recipient's preferences and select confectionery based on that. Popular retro sweets include sherbet lemons, strawberry bonbons, rhubarb and custard boiled sweets and mint humbugs. 

Haribo and Chocolate 

When it comes to confectionery brands, Haribo is one of the worlds most famous. As the manufacturers say themselves, kids and grown-ups love it, so - you basically can't go wrong with Haribo. 

The company has been around for years and provided people with gummy bears, foam eggs, jelly beans and sour jellies. There are so many sweets to choose from, so you won't need to skimp on your confectionery. 

Whether you buy a specific mix or purchase wholesale jelly sweets, you can combine them with chocolate gifts to make the ideal treat jar. 

Depending on your recipient's age, you can make the gift nostalgic or go for something contemporary. For example, Reese's pieces are popular in the USA, but they make a unique gift for a young person in the UK. 

Traditional options include Maltesers or chocolate creams. Whatever you do, make sure you add a personalised message, and your recipient will love the gesture. 

Women's Pamper Jar 

Self-care is a hot topic at the moment, and people everywhere are taking more time to indulge in life's small pleasures. Something as simple as putting on a face mask and having a manicure can make a world of difference, so throw some chocolate into the mix, and you'll have the ideal pamper jar for women. 

Popular additions to the jar include a bath bomb, body lotion, moisturiser, and incense sticks. You can choose high-end chocolates such as Lindt or Fry's - or go for the classic Dairy Milk and Galaxy options. 

Men's Pamper Jar 

Whoever said men don't enjoy self-care probably hasn't seen the vast selection of cosmetics and bath gifts tailored specifically towards males. The fact is, men care about how they look just as much as women, and a men's pamper jar is a great personalised gift. 

You can add a range of items, including shaving cream, a specialised razor, mini bottles of cologne and bath bombs for men. Dark chocolate is a great way to show you care, but some men might prefer milk chocolate. 

Basically, you can put anything you want in the jar! 

Coffee & Chocolate 

There's nothing like freshly brewed coffee in the morning. It's one of life's staples, and coffee lovers everywhere rely on that morning energy boost. While coffee is fantastic for a wake-up call, it's also delicious when paired with chocolate. 

So what's stopping you from filling up a jar with ground coffee or roasted coffee beans that will lock in those intense flavours? Add a box of Beech's mint creams to the mix, and you have the perfect gift. 

The Romantic Evening 

Valentine's Day is that special time of year when people everywhere celebrate love. A perfect gift for your other half is a Valentine's jar which features everything you need for a romantic evening. 

Add some scented tealights, delicious chocolates and include a bottle of Prosecco for the ultimate indulgent way to say I love you. You can choose between a range of chocolate jars, but our best sellers include: 

  • Raspberry Ruffles 
  • Milk Chocolate Caramels 
  • Pink Candy Hearts 
  • Turkish Delight 

Things to Consider 

One of the best things about making chocolate jars is that you don't need a huge budget. People often associate expensive gifts with sentiment, but most recipients will say they prefer a personalised gift because it shows that people care. 

You can make an incredible chocolate jar gift without having to worry about breaking your budget. So before you begin to put a jar together, think about the following things: 

What's my Budget? 

Some people might be willing to spend extra on high-end chocolates and a bottle of Prosecco - but others can still make a meaningful gift with a little more personalisation. Think about what you can afford, and remember that the personal touch means more than the expense. 

Who am I Buying For?

If your recipient has specific interests, you can show you care even more by including little touches representing them. If you're buying for a man and want to incorporate self-care items, ensure they're suitable for males. 

Where to Find Wholesale Sweets 

Looking for wholesale sweets doesn't have to be a headache, especially when you have access to our extensive selection of delicious candies and chocolates. We regularly update our stock to ensure we can offer each client a wide selection of confectionery - so shop at Appleton Sweets today. 

Our friendly team can help you find a selection of sweets for your home or store. With products from the USA, UK and specialist diet sweets - there's something for everyone here.