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90s sweets

Our Favourite Retro Sweets from the 90's

Do you remember the good old days when we would buy sweets from the local corner shop after school? No need to worry about calories or sugar levels - it was all about enjoying our favourite treats.

In this blog post, we're going to take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of our favourite retro sweets from the 1990s. From Taz Bars to Refreshers, these snacks never fail to bring back childhood memories.

Taz Bars

It was a sad day when Cadbury decided to remove Taz from its line of sweets. The 10p chocolate bar was a staple for kids everywhere and a firm favourite when stopping off at the local shop on the walk home from school.

With a milk chocolate shell and a delicious caramel centre, Taz will always be remembered. OK, so the caramel Freddo bar basically tastes the same, but for anyone that grew up in the 1990s, Taz will always be the shape we remember.

Black Jacks & Fruit Salads

In the 1990s, two chewy sweets caused a lot of conflict with children. Black Jacks were black in colour and had a strong liquorice flavour (come on, admit it, you felt a bit hardcore when you ate them, didn't you).

For people that were brave enough to admit that the flavour was too much, Fruit Salads were the perfect alternative.

Candy Necklaces

What was it about candy necklaces that made every little girl gush with delight? They were a party bag staple and never failed to disappoint people. You could wear them and eat them at the same time - what could be better?

Of course, there were also candy bracelets, but let's face it, most people preferred to eat them as soon as possible rather than wearing the candy jewellery as a fashion statement.


It's crazy how Bubbaloo isn't as popular in the UK today because it was one of the most sought-after treats throughout the 1990s to early 2000s.

The bubblegum came in a range of flavours, and each had a liquid centre. Popular options include Tutti Fruiti, Apple, Mint and Strawberry. While you can still buy the gum, it's not a typical local shop staple as it once was.

Candy Sticks

sweets 90s candy necklace

Candy Sticks often came with your favourite comic, and the hard, minty flavour sticks were extremely popular. In fact, they're still popular today! If you remember standing in the school playground pretending your candy stick was a cigarette, you have our full respect.

Strawberry Laces

Strawberry Laces are enduringly popular, with subtle flavours and a great deal of versatility. These laces are so delicious; you'd only share them with your best friend.

Whether it's swinging them around or tying them into knots, it's clear to see why they're still so popular today. You can find strawberry laces everywhere, and there are often some great deals in your local supermarket.


Dweebs were the younger, much larger brother of Nerds, and they had a chewier texture. Surprisingly, Dweebs didn't stand the test of time, especially when they were much easier on your teeth!

Unfortunately, the company decided to remove Dweebs from their product line, but Nerds are still bestsellers today.


These fruity, fizzy tablets were a 90s classic, and we still can't resist their delicious flavour. They have the same texture as Parma Violets and Love Hearts but are more diverse with their flavourings.

Refreshers were the perfect compromise if you found Parma Violets too sweet. Still popular today, you can buy wholesale Barratt's Refreshers at great prices.

Rainbow Drops

Let's face it; people weren't as sugar conscious in the 90s as we are today. Many often thought of Rainbow Drops as a healthier snack because they were made from rice.

The additives and sugar coating certainly didn't add any health benefits, but these small sweets were so tasty, nobody cared.

Barratt Frosties

Barratt is one of the most famous UK confectionery brands, and they've brought us a lot of joy throughout the years. Perhaps one of their most exciting offerings was Frosties, which were hard on the outside and chewy in.

The Kola flavour was a winner with school children, and you could make a pack last a long time.

Sherbet Straws

sweet 90s sherbet straw

Do you remember playing Pogs in the playground? Or those mini skateboards that became the bane of every teacher's life? Well, sherbet straws were another form of playground currency, and we loved trading them for our favourite flavours.

Cheap to buy, with the perfect combination of sugar and tangy flavours, these were the ideal way to bond with new school friends.

Opal Fruits

Another childhood staple is Opal Fruits. The chewy, fruity sweets were a firm favourite - but then everything changed. In the blink of an eye, Opal Fruits became known as Starburst.

OK, so the flavours are still the same, and nothing's changed - but we miss the old name. Interestingly, Opal Fruits made a comeback in recent years, with the Mars Wrigley company bringing them back as a nostalgic treat.

They won't be around for long, but if you miss the old version, then why not treat yourself?

Irn Bru Bars

Irn Bru was one of those drinks that you either loved or hated. It's still popular today but was huge in the 1990s, competing with Sprite, Tango and Coca Cola.

The Irn Bru company allowed a Scottish sweets company to make a chew bar with the signature flavour. Although it's not available anymore, the bar was a massive hit in the late 1990s to early 200s.

Flying Saucers

Perhaps one of the most enduringly popular sweets of all time, these saucer-shaped sweets are bursting with flavour. Covered in rice paper, they melt in your mouth until you get to the tangy sherbet filling.

The Wrap Up

Well, that's it for our favourite 1990s sweets. While some of the sweets in this list are still going strong, others are distant memories. We may not have Irn Bru bars anymore, and Dweebs might be a thing of the past, but our memories keep them alive.