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Retro Sweet Gifts: Remind Your Loved Ones of the Good Times

Ahh, the good old days. Things were a bit simpler then! We used landlines more, said hello to our neighbours and didn't rely on an internet connection. It seems almost unimaginable (especially if you're under 30), but some people yearn for those times.

Well, we can't bring them back, and the internet has given us new ways to learn, work and communicate. However, we can help people to relive these days through delicious sweets.

Do you have someone in your life that loves retro sweets? If so, then this post is for them.

Here are some of the best retro sweet gifts to remind your loved ones of the good old days.

The Swinging 60's Gift Box

swinging 60s gift box

The retro gift box is perfect for anyone who loves the 60s. It includes a range of delicious sweets, such as Refreshers, Love Hearts and Flying Saucers. Plus, it comes in an adorable 1960s-style storage tin.

But if you want to do something special, why not make your own box? For example, you can find lots of 60's memorabilia online, such as old magazines, concert posters and anything else your loved one would remember.

Decorate the tin in photos of your recipients favourite bands of the 60s, or use famous moments that defined the decade, such as the first landing on the moon or moments from Motown.

The 1970's Gift Box

70s gift box

The 1970s gift box is perfect for anyone who loves retro sweets and the disco era. It includes a range of delicious sweets, such as Double Dip Dips, Fizzy Cola Bottles and Sherbet Lemons.

You can find lots of 70's memorabilia online, such as old magazines, concert posters and anything else your loved one would remember.

Decorate the tin in photos of your recipients favourite bands from the 1970s or other moments, such as Star Wars release Punk rock explosion.

The 1980's Sweet Box

80s gift box

The 1980s is another era that people reminisce about. It was the time of big hair, large shoulder pads, and big movies - OK, everything was big during this time. Let's not forget the delicious sweets on offer.

Think Sherbet Foundations, Parma Violets, Black Jacks, Aniseed Twists, Refreshers - you get the idea. Better still, you can create a bright and vibrant sweet box full of fun 80s memorabilia.

An Ultimate All Time Favourites Box

If you're unsure which decade your recipient would love, then why not put together a box or tin of ultimate 60s treats? We're thinking of delicious sweets from all of the decades, which can include Dairy Milk, Mega Double Lollies, Love Hearts, and anything else you can think of.

You can even add some newer sweets and include some of the USA's all-time favourites. The vast country packs a punch when it comes to sugary treats!

This nostalgic gift box is just what you need for those who love retro sweet gifts from the 1970s! It includes classics like Dolly Mixtures, Fizzy Cola Bottles and Jelly Babies. Plus, it comes in a stylish retro tin with a funky 70s design.

Tickets to a Show (and some sweets to enjoy it)

Many people miss the decades gone by, especially if they remind them of their teenage and childhood years. However, musicals and films allow everyone to relive those days in a fun-filled, interactive experience.

Some excellent musicals include Dream Girls, Mamma Mia, Jersey Boys and Dirty Dancing. Equally popular are retro films like Grease, Back to the Future and Pulp Fiction - you get the idea.

Why not add a retro sweet bag filled with your loved ones favourite gifts too? That's sure to put a smile on their face - and if you book shows in advance, you can find some great discounts.

Saturday Night at The Movies Gift Box

movie night gift box

If there's a movie buff in your life, why not celebrate all things related to the silver screen? This gift box is crammed full of retro sweet goodness, as well as a DVD copy of a classic movie. It's the perfect way to spend an evening with some delicious treats and a great film.

The selection of movies available are endless, but we've picked out some favourites that would be ideal for this gift set: The Sound of Music, E.T., Forrest Gump, The Wizard of Oz and The Goonies.

All you need to do is add a mixture of popcorn, crisps, and other fun snacks. If you want to impress your recipient, you can give them a monthly subscription. The fun twist is, you choose a movie and a selection of snacks to send to them each month.

Fun Jewellery Box

jewellery sweets

Do you remember those candy necklaces you'd always find in your party bag? They were so fun - and tasty. Let's not forget the candy bracelets and rings too.

If you want to remind a friend of the fun times you shared in the '90s, why not make a sweet-filled jewellery box? You can add different sections, which include candy necklaces and bracelets.

OK, she probably won't be wearing them out any time soon - but eating them at home? Try and stop her!

Then for the show stopper, include a ring lollypop which will complete your retro jewellery box.

Gone, But Still Here

Unfortunately, some of our favourite chocolates and sweets don't stand the test of time (we still mourn the Dairy Milk Praline bar). While your recipient's favourite treat might not be around, there's usually a counterpart with many of the same characteristics.

For example, Cadbury's Snowflake is no longer available, but gifting your recipient a traditional flake bar with some white chocolate could replicate their favourite treat. Mars Planets is another beloved sweet that got the chop - but if you look at their flavours, combining a bag of chocolate toffees, Malteasers and nougat could serve as a worthy alternative.

With a little bit of planning and creativity, you can easily recreate fan favourites that show how much you care about your loved ones.

The Wrap Up

Well, hopefully, you have everything you need to help your loved ones relieve their favourite decades through retro sweet gifts. There's so much you can do, and it doesn't matter how much you spend. It's all about the thought.

At Appleton Sweets, we stock a wide range of confectionery and treats at low prices. Please feel free to check out our collection or contact a friendly advisor for support and advice.