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Rainbow Snow Cones

Snow Cone Science: All You Need to Know About Snow Cones and How to Make Your Own

Do you love snow cones? Whether it's a hot summer day or the dead of winter, there's nothing quite like a delicious snow cone. They're delicious, refreshing, and the perfect treat for adults and children.

In this blog post, we'll teach you everything you need to know about snow cones, including what they are, where they come from, and how to make your own at home.

So, if you want to celebrate summer and counteract the increasingly hot temperatures in the UK, read on because we're about to show you how to make the best snow cones.

The History Of Snow Cones

The history of snow cones is typically American, and the treat dates back to the 1850s. Trucks would transport ice to warmer states, as children would often run behind them and ask the driver for a chunk of ice.

Soon, parents would experiment with flavourings, giving their children an icy treat perfect for the warm summer months.

Popular combinations included vanilla with egg and sugar, but entrepreneurs soon saw the potential of these treats.

Movie theatres started to sell snow cones by using a scraper to shave blocks of ice and add flavourings. But, everything changed in 1919, when a man called Samuel Bert Snow started selling his version of the paper cup icy with a scraping machine.

The ease of use meant people could start selling snow cones at a more accessible price, becoming a staple of American culture.

As most people know, when something becomes an American phenomenon, the rest of the world soon follows!

Are Snow Cones & Slushies The Same?

Snow cones and Slushies

This is a common question, and the answer is yes and no. Snow cones are made with shaved ice, whereas slushies are made with crushed ice.

The texture difference means snow cones melt in your mouth, whereas slushies are icier. Snow cones also have more surface area, allowing more syrup to enhance the flavour.

Slushies tend to be more prevalent in Europe, as they were initially created there, and they're similar to drinks in many ways.

While snow cones typically require a spoon, slushies are diluted and then frozen to form a beverage that requires a straw.

Despite the popularity of slushies, snow cones are becoming more common in Europe, making them the perfect alternative to a calorie-loaded dessert.

Better still, making your own snow cones at home is easy!

How To Make Your Own Snow Cones At Home

Making snow cones at home is easier than you might think! All you need is good quality ice, a snow cone machine, and your favourite syrup.

Here's how to do it.

Find a good snow cone machine

Let's face it, nobody wants to shave a block of ice by hand, and it will soon become too tiring. When you use a machine, you essentially cut out the middleman and don't have to worry about manual labour.

A good snow cone machine will shave the ice into the perfect consistency, making your life a lot easier.

The best machines are typically electric, which is more powerful and easier to use. However, you can find manual machines if you're on a budget.

Choose your syrup

The great thing about snow cones is that you can choose any flavour. Whether you want a classic like strawberry or something more unusual like mango, the choice is yours.

Concentrated syrups are more cost-effective than making your own and last a lot longer. For example, Appleton Sweets slush syrup comes in five-litre bottles, which will be perfect for home use or for small shops to sell more products in the summer.

We also offer fantastic flavours, including the typical blue raspberry, cherry and tropical combinations, or you can go bold with a bubblegum mix that your customers will love.

Let the machine do its job

Once you've chosen your syrup, it's time to turn on the machine to get the ice to the perfect consistency. Once the ice goes into the containers, you can pour the syrup on top of the ice, and you're good to go.

You'll typically need around two tablespoons of syrup per snow cone, but this will depend on how sweet you want it to be.

If you're making a lot of snow cones, buying syrup in advance is a good idea.

The best thing about snow cones is you can get inventive with flavours because you pour the syrup onto the ice instead of blending it with the ice.

Some people love to make rainbow effect cones, or you can combine fruity flavours for the perfect refreshing treat.

Another great way to enjoy snow cones is using your favourite drinks as flavourings. Imagine a Coca-Cola flavoured cone or Mountain Dew, and you'll know why these icy cold treats are so popular.

Let's not forget that adults can enjoy these drinks, too, with plenty of options to add spirits or cocktails to the mix.

Bacardi and Coke is a popular choice, or you can create a Pina Colada treat and have your very own tropical party.

The Blender Method

You can use your blender if you don't have a snow cone maker. It will require a bit more work, but it's also a great way to try out snow cones before buying a machine.

Place some ice cubes into the blender and turn it on. Remember, you want to achieve the same consistency as sliced ice, so try not to blitz it into a slushie.

Once you get the right consistency, you can pour syrup over the top and serve the cones. This method is perfect for birthday parties because you won't have to invest in a machine you might not use often.

Final Thoughts

Making your snow cones is a great way to enjoy a summer treat without spending much money. All you need is some ice, syrup and a little time, and you'll have delicious cones in no time.

We have a fantastic collection of delicious flavours available, so shop today and give summer a new meaning.