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Special Treats

Special Treats for the Summer Bank Holiday

On the 29th of August, people around the UK will celebrate their summer bank holiday and enjoy the remaining few days of sunshine and heat. The kids will soon return to school, so it's the ideal time to offer some last-minute treats to get them ready to return to the classroom.

Whether you're planning on going away one last time, staying at home or want some fun things to do, we have some great ideas.

We'll also reveal how to set each idea off with the perfect summer treats. So, let's dive straight in.

Fire Up The BBQ

Fire Up BBQ

For most people, the bank holiday weekend is the last chance to fire up the BBQ before winter. If you're going to have a BBQ, why not invite friends and family over, and they can each bring something different?

The best part of this is it minimises the amount of work you have to do and can lead to some surprising food choices on the menu. It's also great if you have vegan guests or people with specific dietary needs because they can bring their own food and drink.

Don't forget to make room for some delicious desserts. Pavlovas and Eton Mess puddings are perfect for a quintessentially British BBQ, but let's not forget that a gateau is always welcome.

Go To Your Local Theme Park

Thorpe Park, Legoland, Alton Towers, Chessington World Of Adventures; we've got some fantastic theme parks in the UK! Most also offer special discounts during the school holidays so that you can find some great deals.

Make sure you book your tickets in advance and check the weather forecast because there's nothing worse than being soaked on a rollercoaster. If it looks like it might rain, don't worry - most parks have plenty of things to do indoors.

You could also take your theme park trip up a notch and bring some tasty snacks. Popcorn is always a winner, but you could also try making your candy floss or bringing along some ice cream.

Go For A Picnic

There's nothing quite like a summer picnic. Grab a few blankets, pack some food and head to your favourite spot. There are plenty of green spaces, but you can check your local council's website for ideas.

If you want to make things extra special, put together a hamper with all of your favourite picnic foods. Think sandwiches and fun snacks for the kids and an adult's hamper, full of delicious cheeses, olives and maybe some bubbly.

You can also add some pick and mix sweets for the little ones; make sure you provide vegan and halal sweets if you're inviting guests.

Visit A Water Park

Going To Water Park

If you're looking for a fun day to cool down, why not visit your local water park? There are loads of different slides and activities to keep everyone entertained, whatever their age.

Just make sure you pack plenty of sunscreen and swimwear, as well as some snacks and drinks to keep everyone going. If you don't have a water park, then your local leisure centre will provide fun activities for children during the summer holidays.

Visit A Zoo or Wildlife Centre

There are so many amazing animals worldwide, and what better way to learn about them than by visiting your local zoo or wildlife centre?

You can find out about the different animals and even see them up close. Most zoos also have a picnic area, so you can enjoy a bite to eat there.

Animal-themed treats can make the day extra special, and you could get the kids to help you make some monkey cupcakes or giraffe biscuits.

Have A Garden Sports Day

It's no secret that children don't get much exercise now, especially with the introduction of games consoles and streaming services. But that doesn't mean you can't give them a reason to get active and enjoy the outdoors.

A fun-filled sports day will provide plenty of laughs for children and adults alike. For a traditional theme, opt for games, like an egg and spoon race or a three-legged race. Or, you hold a sports tournament playing rounders, football or table tennis.

For refreshments, why not make some healthy smoothies or juices, and have some fruit on hand for when people start to flag? You could even put together a medal ceremony at the end for the winners.

Visit A Museum Or Gallery

If you're hoping to stay indoors and want a more low-key day, why not turn it into an educational experience?

There are plenty of museums and galleries up and down the country, many of which offer free entry. You could spend the day learning about different cultures or marvel at some amazing art.

There are also plenty of child-friendly museums with interactive exhibits if you have younger children. And, if you want to make a day of it, most museums have cafes where you can enjoy a bite to eat.

Take A Trip To The Beach

The beach is perfect for relaxing and soaking up the summer sun. Whether you're building sandcastles, swimming in the sea or just relaxing on a deckchair, there's something for everyone at the beach.

Always pack plenty of sunscreen and refreshments, because buying at local shops can be expensive.

Have A Movie Day

Movie marathons are perfect for fans of the elusive lazy day. Is there anything better than curling up on the sofa with snacks and watching films?

To make it extra special, you could make popcorn or build a fort out of blankets. If you have multiple children, let each choose a movie to watch and serve some homemade ice lollies, which will make for the ultimate treat.

The Wrap Up

We hope you have a great time whatever you do this summer bank holiday weekend. And don't forget - if you need any wholesale sweets, we've got plenty more on our website. Just head over to Appleton Sweets and take advantage of our huge selection of delicious confectionery.