Swag bags - including sweets in your swag for your event and PR.

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Swag bags

Swag bags - something that can really put a smile on the faces of delegates at a conference, at a networking event, seminars, conventions or even a street fair. 95% of those attendees will grab a swag bag and take it away with them.

So what to include in a swag bag and why have them? Well customers like nothing more than being shown that they are appreciated and valued and apparently,  85% of us don’t forget the name of a company that has given a promotional product or a sweet something in their swag and it is twice as likely to leave a positive impression of the product and some of us (87%) even keep the promotional product for up to a year (except maybe the sweetie type! ) 

Including yummy products such as the tongue tingling, colourful and fun confectionery range of sour sweets including Vidal sour spiders and the fruity,  mouthwatering Vidal water melon slices will make your swag bag fun and memorable and could be a refreshing addition to your branded products that you will undoubtedly be including.

Evoking memories can be a brilliant way to engage your customers and potential new customers. There is nothing better than finding not just a gift of a promotional product but the company that includes a selection of colourful, aromatic, sweet candy will be remembered for giving a fun element element to the event. Surely your delegates won’t forget the day they attended your event and went home with the sweet surprise of a chocolate mint lollipop or banana lollipop. 

There are so many events and opportunities to use confectionery swag bags ranging from corporate promotional events, to the classic wedding favours, birthday celebration party swag bags, opening of new businesses, gallery viewings, book readings - whatever the event there is sure to be a need for a little sugar candy treat. 

So it is important to consider the type of swag bag (or box) to offer.

It may be just a bright coloured bag ready to fill or the classic pink striped candy bags that will be on the shopping list or the classic brown paper bag that could have a company logo placed on it, or for the more creative and imaginative,  a hand drawn or hand painted image to personalise the classic brown paper bag. If the promotional swag bag requires a bag of sweets inside, then a simple clear cone bag  or a simple square plain poly bag may be all that is needed - all perfect for preparing your sweetie swag or for using if you are holding a sweet cart or table selection at your event.

And for real impact at any event, incorporating a colourful theme or a single colour theme can make an eye catching and mouth watering display as well as maybe matching the corporate colours of the business. Blue sweets make a stunning visual display or include a bag or box of blue coloured candy amongst the promotional swag. 

And what about a box of swag? Offering a selection of some unusual or old favourites in the form of a novelty sweet box is a great solution if you don’t have the time to make up bags of mixed sweets. There will always be a box of goodies for all tastes???


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