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Sweets Galore: A Sweet Tooth's Paradise

Sweets Galore: A Sweet Tooth's Paradise

When it comes to sweets and chocolate, sometimes a small packet or bar just doesn’t cut it - and you need to pull out the big guns. Enter Appleton Sweets’ wholesale sweet tubs and boxes, which will never leave you short of sweet morsels to delight your guests.

These bigger tubs and boxes make throwing a celebration or hosting an event a doddle, as they’re the complete package: fun, individually wrapped sweet treats for all ages. Not to mention, they’re a cost-effective way to add some celebratory flair to your gathering.

Let’s understand why these sweet tubs and boxes should be the standard for your next big bash.

Wholesale sweets and chocolates: Every day is a party

At Appleton Sweets, our aim is to make your next event the best you’ve ever thrown with our whole sweets and chocolates.

Our inventory features all of the beloved classics like rock candy, wine gums and Love Hearts, to name a few - and if you’re feeling daring, we have some exciting new flavours from you to try you won’t have had before.

We stock some of the biggest names in confectionary, including Bassetts, Cadbury and Pez, so you know you’re getting the highest quality wholesale sweets on the market at low prices.

Our website features over 2,000 products with wholesale prices so that you can get more bang for your buck. If you need your order pronto, we offer click-and-collect as well as express delivery options to get your order sorted in a flash.

What are you waiting for? Make Appleton Sweets your new event stockist with our wholesale sweet tubs and boxes today.

Occasions Suitable for Sweet Boxes and Tubs Parties

Are you catering for the masses at a big birthday party? Kids and adults alike will love having a selection of sweets available at the bash.

For children, simply serve them up as part of the dessert or package them into party favours. As for the bigger kids (also known as adults!), you could include a sweet selection as part of a build-your-own dessert bar, serve them as dessert toppings or include them as decoration for a showstopper birthday cake.

Corporate events and meetings

Who doesn’t love a bit of whimsy in the middle of the working day? Do away with the bland biscuits and crack out the tub of chocolates. Your colleagues and clients will love the surprise treats.

As for corporate events, sweet boxes and tubs are a great option for a low-cost favour to hand out to guests on their way out - or you can have them dotted around the room instead of canapés.


A wedding and other special occasions are perfect for getting your sweet tooth on. Opt for indulgent and fancy sweets and chocolates, like liqueurs or caramels, as a treat for the wedding breakfast.

Another idea is a twist on the traditional wedding favours by making a sweet tub or box as part of a raffle, where every guest gets a ticket and can win big.

Casual gatherings and picnics

If you’re out for the day and the kids need a quick sugar rush before returning to their fun, boxes and tubs of sweets are a brilliant and easily transportable option for picnics.

These sweet treats also work well if you’re hosting a casual gathering in the park and would like some dessert options but want to keep costs down.

At Appleton, our wholesale sweets have you covered for every occasion. Whether it’s a birthday party, a big event, or just to have them in stock, our collection of boxes and tubs comes in every flavour and size to suit your budget.

How to Choose the Right Sweet Box or Tub

You could go wild with your sweet choices, but considering a few factors beforehand will ensure you have the ‘wow’ factor at your next party while sticking to your budget. Here are some things to consider when choosing the right sweet box or tub.

Consider the audience

It’s vital to consider the appropriate sweets and chocolate depending on the audience's age group. If you’re hosting a children’s party, our Haribo Friendship Rings tubs or Chocolate Paw Patrol Surprise Eggs box will go down a storm with the kids - but adults will undoubtedly prefer a more sophisticated offering.

For corporate events or weddings, the Bailey Strawberry Temptations Gift Box served up on a platter will delight your guests. Or if you’re hosting a dinner party or networking event, our Beechs Dark Chocolate Coffee Creams work both as a party favour or raffle prize.

Balance variety and preferences

Putting out the same sweets or chocolate will quickly leave your guests bored and looking for other dessert options. The trick is offering a mix of traditional sweets and flavours everyone loves, like our retro sweet jars, with contemporary options like Mars Twix, fudge, and Cadbury flakes to create a pick ‘n mix vibe.

Everyone wants to see their favourite sweets and chocolates as part of the offering, but you can go for some edgier flavour combinations if the event calls for it. Your imagination is the only limit!

Think about the presentation

If you’re having sweet boxes and tubs as part of a themed party, like a baby shower or hen party, then opt for a confectionary with a similar colour palette to match the overall decor and vibe of the party.

Not to mention, if you have to transport the tubs and boxes to another location, you want maximum ease of handling and serving to minimise prep time for many attendees.

Final thoughts

Using sweet tubs and boxes for your next event is a no-brainer that can save you time and money while still looking impressive. Besides, who doesn’t love to see their favourite sweet at a corporate networking event or as part of a dessert bar at a wedding?

Appleton’s sweet boxes and tubs are a delectable sweet treat for every age to enjoy. Head to our website for our full range for your next party or gathering.