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The Best Halloween Treats for 2023

The Best Halloween Treats for 2023

Every October, as the leaves turn orange and a chill fills the air, the UK eagerly anticipates a night of fun, frights, and sweet treats. Halloween has a now-inseparable bond with sweets, so it’s no wonder the holiday is a hit with kids and adults alike.

As the nation's sweet tooth comes alive, wholesale sweets become the heroes of the hour, ensuring that no ghost, witch, or wizard goes home without a bag brimming with delightful sweets and chocolates.

Dive in as we unwrap the traditional confectionary delights and sweets that are new to the Halloween scene, plus how going wholesale this year can help you save cash for the Halloween trick-or-treating season.

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Popular Traditional Halloween Sweets in the UK

As All Hallows' Eve approaches, the UK's love affair with time-honoured confections comes alive, proving that while novel treats emerge, some classics remain eternally adored. For those in the wholesale sweets business, stocking these staples is paramount.

Toffee apples are a Halloween staple. With their sticky caramel sheen reflecting the amber hues of autumn, their delightful crunch and sweetness make them a sought-after treasure. Often dipped in sprinkles and sweets for an indulgent treat, toffee apples are worth the effort every time.

Individually wrapped, fun-sized confectionary is always popular around Halloween for its versatility and ease of handing out to eager trick-or-treaters. Anything like Maoams, Refreshers and Drumsticks always go down a storm around Halloween time.

For those hosting a Halloween-themed event, traditional holiday sweets can be anything from white chocolate mice to flying saucers for a nostalgic sweet treat - or you can go all-out with a colour scheme using sweet treats like Halloween-themed Jelly Beans.

New & Emerging Halloween Sweets for 2023

The Halloween spirit, originally a pretty American tradition, has well and truly evolved into an international holiday experience thanks to the power of social media. As a result, we’re seeing more spooky-themed confectionary come onto the market to help serve a growing demand.

Novelty sweets have boomed in the last few years. Imagine gummy spiders that burst with tangy fruit centers or glow-in-the-dark chocolates shaped like phantoms, offering a playful surprise when the lights go out. The Vidal Jelly Dragons and Vidal Witches Heads are perfect examples of this latest novelty trend that’s sure to add a spooky touch to any Halloween revelries.

Catering to a conscientious crowd, vegan and vegetarian sweets are soaring in popularity. Gone are the days when plant-based meant limited options. 2023 sees everything from vegan marshmallow ghosts to dark chocolate bats, ensuring all can partake in the festivities. Our Candycrave Vegan Dracula Teeth are the perfect example of delicious Halloween-themed vegan sweets.

Finally, new sweets on the market have arrived to entertain young trick-or-treaters. Combining playfulness with a sugar rush, interactive sweets like the Toxic Waste Candy Selection Pack are set to be a hit on the Halloween scene.

The Benefits of Purchasing Wholesale Sweets for Halloween

With Halloween 2023 on the horizon, the advantages of the wholesale sweets market for event hosts, businesses and even keen individuals with many trick-or-treaters become evident.

Firstly, there's the cost-benefit. Purchasing in bulk often translates to notable savings, especially during high-demand seasons like Halloween. If you don’t want to run out of Halloween sweets early, buying in bulk is the most cost-effective way to meet demand.

Variety is another significant advantage. Wholesalers typically offer a wide range of products, ensuring that both classic and new treats are readily available. Given the swift turnover in the wholesale market, buyers are more likely to receive fresh products that haven't been sitting on shelves for extended periods.

Wholesalers often also have exclusive deals or packages tailored for the spooky season, adding to the value and convenience of going wholesale. 

For those in the confectionery business or planning large-scale events, turning to wholesale sweets is a practical approach for Halloween 2023.

Tips for Retailers: Displaying & Selling Halloween Sweets

Halloween isn’t just a festive occasion; for retailers, it's a golden window to boost sales. The way sweets are displayed and marketed plays an indispensable role in attracting customers. Here are some ways to ensure your Halloween display stands out.

Thematic displays

Now is the time to go for an all-out spooky display to infuse the spirit of Halloween into your store layout. Use orange and black colour schemes, incorporate seasonal decorations like spider webs or pumpkins, and even consider ambient music to set the mood.

Product mix

Strike a balance between the time-tested traditional treats and the novel, emerging sweets of 2023. Offering a varied range ensures that every customer finds something they love.

Strategic placement

Product placement can significantly influence purchasing decisions. Place best-sellers and promotional items at eye level. Also, consider showcasing new or unique products near the checkout area to entice last-minute buys.


If your sales need an extra boost, seasonal promotions such as 'buy one get one free', discounts on bulk purchases, or special Halloween bundles are a surefire way to help drive business. Ensure these deals are well-advertised with prominent, clear signage so customers can take advantage of these promotions.

Go online

In today's digital age, promote your Halloween specials on social media or via email newsletters, offering sneak peeks or special online-only deals. With so many customers switching to buying online, this two-pronged approach can help you capitalise on the Halloween season.

Final thoughts

As Halloween 2023 beckons, the world of sweets takes centre stage, blending tradition with fresh innovations. Whether you're a retailer aiming to maximise sales or hosting a special Halloween event that needs catering, the wholesale sweets market offers unparalleled advantages. 

From cost savings to variety, the benefits are clear. Embracing both the time-honoured and the new ensures that this Halloween will be not only memorable but also deliciously rewarding for all involved.

Appleton Sweets has a range of Halloween sweet treats available to delight trick-or-treaters, event guests and customers alike. Head to our website to find the full range of wholesale Halloween sweets.