Tips for Packaging Wedding Sweets

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wedding sweets

Are you in the midst of wedding planning and ready to focus on the little touches for your guests? Then look no further.

Wedding sweets are wonderful party favour ideas or sweet snacks for guests at dinner. You should consider the packaging if you want them to look as beautiful as the rest of the wedding. But where to start?

We’ve got you sorted. With a little creativity and some helpful tips, you can make your wedding sweets taste amazing and look simply stunning.

Let’s dive in.

Wedding sweets packing top tips

Use the right materials

The right material ensures your sweets arrive at the venue in perfect condition and can also add to the overall aesthetic of the treats.

If you’re looking to stick to a budget, coloured cellophane bags look really effective without breaking the bank. Another option is cardboard boxes, which can be customised with stickers and ribbons. If you’re feeling fancy, try glass mason jars with ribbon around the lid for a classy and elegant look.

Consider the season

The time of year can greatly impact the type of sweets you choose - nobody wants a melted party favour in the summer!

For the winter, spiced biscuits and hot chocolate mixes work well, whereas in the summer sweets with a high melting point are your best option. You can also theme the packaging according to the seasons - try adding some seasonal flowers into the mix and choosing matching colours.

Add a personalised touch

This is your day to shine, so don’t be afraid to add some personalised touches to your wedding sweets packaging. Customised labels with the wedding date, designing your own boxes or adding some dried flowers and tassels are all great options to elevate your packaging.

You could add a handwritten note or thank-you card with your wedding sweets. This is a great and heartfelt way to express your gratitude to your guests for sharing in your special day.

Think about portion sizes

Pack the sweets in appropriate portion size so that your guests can easily enjoy them without feeling overwhelmed or wasting any. If you’re going for larger packaging, consider a mix of sweets to avoid the treats feeling too monotonous.

If you have children at the wedding, you might want to look at smaller portions (their parents will thank you!).

Label for dietary requirements

If you have any wedding guests who are vegan, gluten-free or have allergies, you should consider labelling your packaging appropriately. This could be either marking out common allergy ingredients or by setting aside special dietary versions of the wedding sweets for those guests who are affected.

If you're unsure about the dietary requirements of all your guests, it's a good idea to include a note in your wedding invitation asking guests if they have any special dietary requirements. This will allow you to plan your wedding sweets accordingly.

Get creative

You don’t have to go for ‘boring’ wedding sweets if you don’t want to! There are countless ways to package your wedding sweets uniquely and memorably that reflect your style and personality.

Opt for vintage tins or mini picnic baskets to up the ante on presentation, or lean into a themed wedding idea like the beach or rustic farmhouse. You can always go for non-traditional wedding sweet ideas too - maybe nostalgic sweets from childhood or unusual flavours suit your mood. Whatever you choose, have fun with it!

Wedding sweets ideas

Now you’ve got the basics down on how to make your wedding sweets look the part, we’ve got some ideas on which types of sweets you should include. Let’s get into them.

Sugared almonds

These classic wedding sweets are a traditional symbol of good luck and prosperity. Coming in a variety of colours and finishes to suit your tastes and budget, these crunchy sweet treats are a delight for all ages.

Chocolate hearts

What's not to love about a heart-shaped piece of chocolate? Lean into the lovey-dovey vibes at your wedding with some high-quality chocolate that guests are sure to enjoy. These are often available in a variety of flavours and can be packaged in small gift boxes or as part of a larger sweet package.

A popular trend at the moment is to have larger chocolate shells that crack open to reveal smaller candies, like truffles or jellybeans, inside the shell. You could also consider personalised foil packaging for a nice touch.

Love Hearts

These retro candies will add some fun and flavour to any wedding. You could include Love Hearts as part of a range of different sweets, neatly packaged in your creative wedding style.

Because of their cheeky and flirty messages, these sweet treats fit the vibe of any wedding perfectly. You can find Love Hearts in sugar-free and vegan options, making them a sweet choice for guests with dietary restrictions.

Cake pops

These bite-sized treats are essentially cake balls on a stick and come in a variety of flavours, colours, and designs. Cake pops look beautiful wrapped in cellophane, making them easy to transport once covered.

Cake pops are a blank canvas when it comes to decoration. For a wedding you could add edible pearls or gold leaf for an elegant touch, or decorate with colourful sprinkles or edible flowers for a fun and playful vibe.

Pick n’ mix

If you’re after the ultimate customised wedding sweets package, then pick n’ mix is a great way to go. Either pre-package them yourself or set up a pick n’ mix station where guests can serve themselves. You can lay out your beautiful packaging to one side, ready to fill with delicious sweet treats.

You can also include sweets that match your wedding theme or colours, such as pastel-coloured candy for a spring wedding or red and white sweets for Christmassy vibes.

Final thoughts

The way you present and package your sweet treats can leave a lasting impression on your guests and add an extra touch of personalisation to your special day. Our top tips are sure to set you on the path to success.

Our wholesale wedding sweets are perfect for putting together some delicious party favours that will leave your guests impressed and their sweet tooth satisfied.

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