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Upcycling Jars for Creative Candy Storage Solutions

Upcycling Jars for Creative Candy Storage Solutions

These days, sustainability isn’t just optional - it’s an absolute must. Finding creative ways to repurpose old items lying around your home is both a challenge and a meaningful contribution towards saving the planet.

Old jars are one of the most versatile storage containers - from makeshift pen pots to fun craft projects with the kids, they can do it all. But have you ever considered using them for storing your favourite sweets and chocolates?

Upcycling jars taps into the growing trend of eco-friendly living and adds a personal touch to how we organise and display treats - a double win. We’re jumping into how these everyday items can be transformed into creative sweets storage solutions - keep reading.

The Appeal of Upcycling Jars for Candy Storage

Upcycling jars for candy storage is a perfect example of making a significant impact with seemingly small actions. Reducing waste, infusing a dose of personality into your space and flexing your creative muscles? All good in our book.

Every repurposed jar is a step towards less waste ending up in landfills. Upcycling everyday items like jars is a simple yet effective way to introduce more sustainable practices into our daily lives.

Upcycled jars also have the bonus that they’re a completely blank canvas waiting for your masterpiece. You can choose every design aspect to blend seamlessly into your home decor or stand out as a bold statement piece.

Also, let’s face it: upcycling stuff that will otherwise be chucked out is a great way to save money. Instead of buying new containers, you can repurpose old jars without compromising quality or visual appeal. Not to mention, there’s a certain satisfaction in giving new life to something you already had - especially when it helps to save some pennies.

Where to Find Beautiful Jars for Upcycling

Are you feeling particularly uninspired by your jam jar selection, or do you want something a bit different from the norm? Glass jars come in all shapes and sizes, and you can find some real gems for your candy storage vision if you know where to look. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Charity Shops

These gems are hotspots for upcycling enthusiasts. Charity shops often have an eclectic mix of jars - from vintage finds to nearly new ones - all at bargain prices. You’re also doing good with every purchase supporting a good cause.

Car Boot Sales

A haven for the bargain hunter, car boot sales are ideal for discovering unique jars at low prices. There’s no telling what might be on offer at any car boot sale, but if you go to more established ones at bigger towns and cities, you can find dedicated vendors and sellers with glassware goods.

Online Marketplaces

Want to do some bargain hunting from the comfort of your home? Sites like eBay, Etsy, and Facebook Marketplace are treasure troves for jar hunters, like ex-display wholesale sweet jars. They have the convenience of keyword searches, so you can find exactly what you’re after.

Choosing the Right Jars for the Job

Choosing the perfect jar is essential for an upcycling candy storage project. But it’s not just about the look - a good storage container needs to keep the sweets and chocolates fresh.

Consider where you’ll display the candy storage - you want jars that fit nicely on your shelves or countertops. Size matters when you think about what sweet treats you plan to store. Smaller jars are perfect for delicate items like truffles or hard candies, while larger ones accommodate cookies, bars, or a mix of assorted goodies. 

The shape of the jar can also influence its appearance and functionality. Wide-mouth jars are ideal for easy access, especially if you're reaching in with a scoop or fingers. Tall and narrow jars look elegant but might restrict access when the snack cravings sneak up on you.

Freshness is key when storing candies and chocolates. Look for jars with tight-sealing lids, like screw-top jars or rubber gaskets and clamps. These are excellent choices to keep air out and freshness locked in.

Once you’ve selected your jars, thoroughly clean them to remove any residues or odours. Sticky labels come off easily with some warm, soapy water. For extra care, sterilise the jars by boiling them or using a dishwasher with a high-heat cycle.

Creative Ideas for Upcycling Jars into Candy Containers

It’s time to unleash your creativity. With a touch of imagination and some simple tools, you can make a bespoke storage solution for your sweet treats. Here are some creative ideas to inspire your upcycling project.

Painting and Finishing

Give your jars a fresh look with paint. Acrylics work well for glass and come in every colour under the sun for a completely personalised finish. For a shabby chic look, use distressed paint techniques or chalk paint for a quirky, matte finish. But most importantly, don’t forget to add a clear sealing paint layer to protect your hard work.

Adding Knobs and Handles

For a practical and decorative touch, add knobs or handles to the lids of your jars. This makes them easier to open and adds a unique decorative element. Choose from vintage knobs you’ve scoured the internet for, colourful ceramic pieces, or even upcycled items for handles that double as conversation starters and beautiful art pieces.

Use Fabrics

One of the simplest ways to upcycle jars is by wrapping them in ribbon, twine or fabric to give them a kitsch, homemade feel. Use these materials to create bows, wrap the neck of the jar, or cover the lid according to what aesthetic you’re after.

Add Labels

Labels aren’t just practical - they can be decorative, too.  Use chalkboard labels for a rustic, reusable option that lets you change the contents as needed. Hand-painted labels or printed designs are other options that give a polished look.

Final Thoughts

Embracing upcycled jars for candy storage is a creative journey that beautifies your space and showcases your commitment to the environment. When you’re ready to restock, Appleton’s sweet treats are ready to help get the job done.