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What Are Some Creative Gift Ideas?

We all enjoy giving gifts and love receiving them. But one of the most common worries for people is someone not appreciating the present. 

According to the BBC, giving someone the wrong gift can damage your relationship, so, understandably, you might worry that your presents are boring. 

Luckily, sentimental presents matter more than how much money you spend because people prefer something more personal. 

In this post, we'll look at some of the best creative gift ideas that are sure to please anyone. 

DIY Candy Bouquet

Candy bouquet

Candy and flowers are two ways to a woman's heart - so why not combine them? While some people choose to send an expensive bouquet and a box of chocolates, this post is all about getting creative. 

This DIY candy bouquet is ideal for people with a sweet tooth, and you can customise it to suit people of all ages. 

Here's what you'll need: 

  • A selection of candies, including rectangular boxes if possible. 
  • Glue gun 
  • Tissue Paper (various colours) 
  • Ribbon and other decorative features 

  • Take your four boxes of candy and arrange them into a square. You should glue the edges to form a base. If you don't have candy boxes, you can use matchboxes or other materials - just make sure they're all the same size. 
  • Take your wood skewers and glue them to the back of each candy bar or box. If you include heavy items such as Snickers or Mars Bars, you should glue two sticks to each one for added stability. 
  • Add foam to the bottom of the vase to form a base, and add your tissue paper to the bottom. It should spill over the sides to create a bouquet. 
  • Take some smaller pieces of paper and poke each skewer through it. You can then move the paper up to form a flower. 
  • Arrange the candy inside the vase and add decorations such as ribbons and glitter. 

The piece of foam in the bottom of your vase should fit perfectly, but if it doesn't, you can glue a piece of cardboard underneath it to keep everything stable. 

For The Green Fingered Person 

watering can with candies

Did you know that gardening is the hobby at the moment? People of all ages enjoy the lifestyle benefits of growing their own vegetables and planting flowers, so why not give them a green-fingered gift? 

If you're going all out, then a wheelbarrow full of candy would undoubtedly make a statement. But for the more budget-conscious person, a watering can will be more than enough. 

All you need to do is buy a nice can, fill it with candy treats and add a few decorations. It's cost-effective, tasteful and shows you genuinely care about the recipient. 

Top Tip: The best thing about this impactive but straightforward gift is you can switch out the theme to suit your recipients personality. For example, you could fill a makeup bag with treats or a large coffee mug. 

Message in a Jar 

If you're not the sentimental type but want to show someone you care, then a message in a jar is the perfect way to do that. For example, a thank you message to someone who's supported you in difficult times or a loving message to your other half will pair perfectly with a selection of sweets. 

You can choose from a range of candy choices, including traditional boiled sweets, jellies and chocolate. 

Make sure you use bold writing, so your message is readable and laminate it if possible. 

DIY Chocolate Selection Box

chocolate box

One of the worst things about boxes of chocolate is they often come in one flavour or a selection of traditional flavours that not everyone enjoys.

If your recipient prefers creams over caramels, why not buy multiple chocolate boxes and create a bespoke selection for them? 

This creative idea is excellent if you're buying for lots of people at Christmas because you can save money while offering meaningful gifts. 

Beech's creams come in a range of flavours, but people often choose one box to save money. You can mix the creams to form selection boxes and include your recipients favourite flavours. 

Make the gift more personal by covering the box with custom made paper and adding people's names. They'll appreciate the gesture and this kind of present shows that you genuinely care about others and listen to them. 

Sweet Treasure Chest


Kids love surprises, and you can't get more creative than giving them a treasure chest full of delicious sweets. You can buy a chest or save money by using cardboard that you probably have at home. 

There's a great how-to guide on Pinterest, so if you plan on going for the DIY approach, it's worth a read. You can access it here

Once you've finished your treasure chest, you can choose which sweets to include. There are plenty of sweet boxes to choose from. 

Some of our favourites include: 

  • Airheads 
  • Blackjacks 
  • Fruit Salad
  • Catherine Wheels 
  • Dib Dab
  • Milk Bottles and Teeth 
  • Flumps 
  • Brain Busters 
The Candy Card 

Cards aren't the most exciting part of a gift, but we use them because it allows us to include a thoughtful message. If you're feeling creative, a candy card is a perfect way to brighten up someone's day. 

You can make a giant card and attach pieces of candy to it. If possible, you can swap the candy for words. 

For example: 

You're as cute as a button - swap the word button for a bag of Cadbury's buttons. 

Wishing you millions of happy years - swap millions for a bag of M&M's 

You get the idea! 

What we love most about this gift idea is it's so cost-effective but combines the three aspects of presents that people look for: 

  • A card with a thoughtful message 
  • Gifts that they'll enjoy 
  • Personalisation 

The Wrap Up 

Gift giving is a centuries-old tradition, and while trends have changed - the sentiments the same. If you own a candy store, then it's essential that you provide a broad selection of sweets so you can cater to your audience. 

Appleton's supplies a range of wholesale sweets at cost-effective prices. With speedy delivery and a strong reputation, we're proud to be the go-to place for quality confectionery at low UK prices.