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What are the Best Business Ideas in 2021?

Are you sick of working for others? Is the morning commute getting you down? Do you look at those glamorous Instagram photos of people sitting on a Thailand beach with their laptop? It’s time for a change, so why not think about a future that you’re in charge of? 

Setting up a business is scary, but it can also be so rewarding. The best thing is, we all have a unique talent and skillset, so put it to good use. 

Still wondering what are the best business ideas in 2021? Well, here they are.

Print On Demand 

Print on demand is one of the most popular business ideas because it’s ideal for people of all ages to try. The idea of print on demand is to create your designs and use a third-party distributor to sell them. 

Not only is this idea perfect for artistic people, modern editing and graphic design software such as Canva makes it simple for anyone to create their own designs. 

From t-shirts and mugs to combining logo design with corporate print on demand, you can make a decent side income. 


Some people say there’s no profit in reselling, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Apps such as Vinted make it easy for people to get rid of their old clothes, and eBay is an excellent option for reselling your other items. 

Many people start off selling their old clothes and then searching through charity shops and car boot sales. Second-hand businesses often offer home clearance services, so they can acquire goods to sell on. 

You could even progress to creating a reselling website. The trick with reselling is a passion for recycling and advertising goods. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time trying to source items, you probably won’t get much out of the business. 

If you are willing to put time and effort in, you could end up with a full-time business that makes a sizable profit. 

Self Employed Cleaner 

If you ask people what’s the one thing they hate, we guarantee there will be plenty that say cleaning. It’s one of those chores that nobody wants to do, but we all have to. If you’re one of those rare people that enjoy getting the mop and duster out, then plenty of people will be willing to pay for your services. 

On average, cleaners can charge between £10 - £20 an hour, with higher rates in large cities such as London. 

It would help if you had a strong eye for detail, a sense of responsibility and a willingness to do a good job. Cleaning experience can lead to the opportunity to start your own business and scale out. 

Online Sweet Shop 

One thing is for sure; we love a sugary treat - and there’s nothing quite like sweets, is there? People are spoilt for choice, from traditional hard-boiled offerings such as lemon sherbert and pear drops to gummy delights, including Haribo Starmix and Gold-Bears. 

Today, there are plenty of sweet shops around, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start your own business. People actively seek out healthier options, so sugar-free confectionery is a business with lots of potential. 

You could also become a vegan sweet supplier, which will provide plenty of customers. Overall, you can do a lot, so it’s crucial to find the right supplier to fill a range of dietary preferences. 

Appleton’s Sweets offers a vast selection of wholesale confectionery, including gummies, traditional sweets and dietary candy. 


Freelancing offers many opportunities, and many might start with a side hustle and progress into becoming fully self-employed. Imagine no commute, zero office politics and being able to work in your pyjamas every day! 

The trick to becoming a successful freelancer is to think about where your skills are and amplify them. For example, talented writers can make a good living blogging while maths whizzes can offer accounting services. 

There’s so much you can do, and while freelancing isn’t exactly a business, you could move into becoming a business owner with your team of freelancers. 

Meal Prep Business

Many of us want a healthy lunch every day, but few achieve that vision. If you’re a keen cook, then why not use your skills to feed others? Meal prep companies continue to grow because people don’t have the time to cook dinner every night. 

Instead of ordering takeaways, people are willing to pay for a meal prep service - as long as the food is of high quality. If you can offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free meals, you’ll probably attract a lot of customers. 

Pet Sitting 

For animal lovers, pet sitting offers plenty of opportunities to do something they genuinely enjoy. Pet sitting means you can spend long days with your furry friends and get paid for it. Most people start on a self.-employed basis, then progress into starting their own business when there are too many pets for them to handle. 

You should be willing to walk other people's dogs in all weather and be committed to promoting the safety and wellbeing of animals at all times. Most people will only trust you with their pets if you have insurance too. 

The Takeaway 

It’s vital that you think about the things you want to achieve with your small business, and don’t settle for the first idea you see. Passion and commitment to succeed are two essential component for self-employment. 

Just because something is more profitable, it doesn’t mean you’ll enjoy it. Think about the things you enjoy, where your experience lies and what type of business you want to create. 

For example, starting a digital marketing business will offer the most profit potential. But if you know nothing about marketing and lack creative or technical skills, then it’s unlikely you’ll turn the business into a success, unless you’re willing to put the work in. 

Most importantly, you should have fun, use this as a learning experience and enjoy the freedoms that being an owner instead of employee affords you.