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Best Sour Sweets

What are the best sour sweets?

Sometimes, there’s nothing better or more satisfying than the fantastic fizz on your tongue from a sour sweet. With the holidays fast approaching, you might be thinking of buying some tasty confectionary for the sour-loving friend or family member.

Chewy or hard shell, Appleton Sweets has a full range of sour treats to choose from - and in our comprehensive list below, we’ve selected our personal favourites to give you the very best sour sweet experience anywhere.

Read on to find out which classic and new sour sweets we’d recommend for this festive season to tantalise your tastebuds and delight your senses. You may even discover a fabulous new favourite!

Jelly Belly Sours

Who doesn’t love the iconic Jelly Belly brand? Founded in 1869, if there’s one thing Jelly Belly knows how to make, it’s jelly beans. Luckily for fans of sour sweets everywhere, Jelly Belly makes the deliciously tangy and chewy Jelly Belly Sours.

With five delicious flavours to enjoy including sour apple, sour cherry, sour grape, sour lemon and sour peach, there’s something for everyone in this mix of sour-yet-sweet treats.

If you want to give these to the sour sweet-loving person in your life or simply want to treat yourself, Appleton Sweets has this fantastic mix available in a gift box selection.

Drumstick Sour Squashies

First came the iconic Drumsticks candy from Swizzles Matlow, a true staple in British confectionery. Then came the newly revamped Drumstick Squashies, with the same taste but instead complete with a cloud-like, chewy consistency. Now we have the Drumstick Sour Squashies in a delectable sour cherry and apple flavour!

New to the Drumstick range, these new sour versions promise to be your next favourite sweets. Complete with the squishy consistency that melts in the mouth and has sweet-lovers flocking to this twist on the classic in their droves, the tang from the sour cherry and apple is the perfect combination for anyone that can’t get enough of sour sweets.

Fazer Sour Blood Orange & Lemon Ovals

A slightly more grown-up version of a tutti-frutti sour sweet, Fazer’s sour blood orange and lemon flavour combo offers a sour treat for sophisticated paletes. The tangy pairing of two citrus fruits makes these sour sweets a real cheek-sucker for those who dare to delight in these ovals - not to mention these sour treats are vegan, too.

Headquartered in Finland and first entering the market in 1922, Fazer knows a thing or two about making delicious, high-quality candies. Be sure to check out the full range available on Appleton Sweets.

Kingsway Fizzy Twin Cherries

No sour list would be complete without some of the classic sour cherry sweets! Kingsway has more than delivered with this chewy deliciousness that gives you the sugary goodness of cherry with a fantastic, sour punch.

If you’re thinking of putting together any sort of sour sweet goodness for friends and family this festive season, you should definitely consider adding these iconic cherries to your list - they would make the perfect addition to someone’s stocking.

King Regal Sour Spaghetti Strawberry Laces

Everyone has tried strawberry laces at some point, and these sour twists on the classic are a staple for any fan of sour sweets. King Regal’s delicious sour strawberry laces are fun to eat and great for decorating festive baked goods with the kids.

The best news is this is just one of the many sour sweets that King Regal produces available at Appleton Sweets - you can check out the full range on our website.

Vidal Sour Blue Raspberry Slices

These bright blue sour sweets from Spanish-based Vidal Candies, who have been producing confectionary delights for over 50 years, are a staple of any good pick n’ mix selection.

Covered in a tangy sugar coating, these raspberry slices have the added bonus of turning your tongue blue! These blue raspberry delights are not to be missed if you’re craving a sour, yet sweet kick.

Lovalls Vegan Sour Fruit Dummies

We have another vegan option on the list and this time, it’s Lovalls’ iconic sour dummies. This collection of different fruity flavours in a fun dummy shape delivers on flavour and the fizz on the tongue goodness sour candies are known for. Available in bulk buy from Appleton Sweets, these delicious sour sweets are perfect for the sour-crazy sweet lover.

Dulce Plus Multicolour Sour Flower

Dulce Plus’ sour flower, a delicious and chewy jelly sweet with the fantastic tangy, sour flavour, is a brilliant addition to any bag of sweets. These are well worth trying if you haven’t before and these brightly coloured sweets are great for children - and, of course, the sour candy fanatic that can’t get enough.

Sour treats for festive gifting

Gifting sweets is a classic present for the festive season, and with Appleton Sweets selling wholesale you can put together several sour sweet-themed gift packages for your friends and family.

No matter what your budget, with our sour sweet favourites above there’s something for everyone at a range of price points for the sour sweet lover you’re gifting to.

You can go as big or as small as you like here: perhaps a festive-themed mug filled with sour sweets wrapped in environmentally friendly cellophane, or even a full picnic hamper complete with all of their favourite sour treats. These sweets offer a great opportunity to customise with your giftee’s favourite sour treats all in one place.

Our range of sour sweets would make the perfect gift in a Secret Santa, a stocking under the tree or just because you’re feeling the festive spirit. Make sure to check out our delicious Christmas sweets UK range to get your sour sweets fix and much more.

Wrapping up

Our guide to the best sour sweets on the market is your one-stop shop for all things tangy and tasty. If you’ve been thinking about which sour sweets range would be best for your gifting needs, we can help - and as we sell wholesale, there’s no need for any of your friends and family to miss out on the sour sweets fun.