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Boiled Sweets

Which Sweets are Boiled Sweets?

Some things are quintessentially British, and boiled sweets are up there with fish and chips, the roast dinner and Pimms. They've been around for longer than most of us and are still a favourite with children and adults alike. 

This post will reveal some interesting facts about boiled sweets and discuss which are most popular. 

What Exactly Are Boiled Sweets?

To put it simply, boiled sweets are made by boiling syrup. In older days, the common syrups confectioners used were fructose, glucose or sucrose, but today there are plenty of sugar-free boiled sweet brands if you're looking for a healthier alternative. 

The syrup is boiled with some flavourings and colourings, then goes into mould trays to cool down. Once it reaches room temperature, the sweets are hard and ready to eat. It's as simple as that! 

Interesting Things You Should Know About Boiled Sweets 

So, now you know what boiled sweets are, it's time to reveal some fun facts. If you're not sure who invented the delicious treats or whether they're healthy for you, then we've got everything you need to know right here. 

Are Boiled Sweets Healthy?

OK, so boiled sweets can't compare to carrot sticks and houmous - there's no point in even trying to decide that. As with most delicious treats, they're absolutely fine if you consume them in moderation. 

Let's not forget that sugar-free alternatives pack fewer calories and are the healthier option. They're also perfect for diabetics or if you're dieting but don't want to give up treats altogether. 

It's also important to mention that boiled sweets are used for health purposes, with many brands using the technique to create chest and throat lozenges. 

Where Do Boiled Sweets Come From?

In the 1800s, crystalised fruits were the most popular form of confectionery, but they were expensive to make and buy. Many people believe that boiled sweets became so popular because they were cheap to manufacture, which allowed people with less money to purchase the treat. 

Rock is a seaside treat which is a form of hard-boiled candy, and its birthplace is actually in the small seaside town of Morecambe. We don't know who exactly invented rock, but some genius decided to try something different in the 1830s - and we couldn't be more grateful! 

In ancient civilisations, the Egyptians used various honey and spices to treat colds and chest conditions, but the boiled throat and cough lozenges are the modern-day holistic alternative. 

Boiled Sweets Have Made Way For Other Confectionery 

Where would we be without boiled sweets? Well, there are many possibilities. But let's look at the impact they had on society. Before boiled sweets, crystalised fruits were the go-to treat, but they were expensive to make, as we established before. 

As soon as boiled sweets became available to consumers, they were a firm favourite, and the public's love of confectionery began. Without boiled sweets, would other candies exist today?

When you think about Haribo, Chewits and even chocolate, each has its roots in boiled confectionery, so we should all be kind of grateful! 

The UK Houses the Oldest Sweet Shop in the World 

In a small North Yorkshire town, there's a small sweet shop that truly has stood the test of time. The Oldest Sweet Shop (yes, that's the name) began trading in 1827 and still serves customers today. 

The shop also holds numerous Guinness World Records achievements and still uses recipes from the 1800s. If boiled sweets hadn't endured new trends and technologies, that shop would no longer exist. Pretty incredible, huh? 

Which Boiled Sweets Are Most Popular? 

Today, we're spoiled with a selection of delicious boiled sweets, and there truly is something for everyone. Whether you prefer fruit or cream flavours, you can head into any sweet shop and come out with a haul of delicious treats. 

So, which boiled sweets are the most popular?

Traditional Boiled Sweets 

The OG's of the sweet world, boiled confectionery often takes the shape of lozenges and is the type most people think of when they hear boiled sweets. There are so many flavours available, and it would be impossible to list all of them. 

However, fruit flavours are fan favourites, including Pear Drops, Strawberry and Lemon Bon Bons and Rosy Apples. 

You can also find orange, grape, and cherry flavours, with some boiled sweets having a sherbet or liquid centre. 


Mints are delicious and practical because they taste great and keep your breath fresh. While Polos and Trebor Extra Strong Mints are both popular, nothing quite beats a bag of mint humbugs of Fox's Glacier Mints. 

Creamy Boiled Sweets 

Creamy boiled sweets are another delicious option, and you'll find some exciting flavour combinations. One of our favourites is peaches and cream, but there are also banana and custard sweets if you like the idea of pairing fruit with the creamy texture. 

Hard-boiled toffees are also incredibly popular - but we can't beat strawberries and cream. Most of these flavours come in sugar-free versions too, so if you're looking for wholesale boiled sweet jars at low prices, you'll find what you're looking for with Appleton Sweets. 

Hard-Boiled Lollipops 

Whether it's a treat after a trip to the optician or enjoying the infamous Chupa Chups lollies, people love this form of hard-boiled sweet. If you head to the seaside, you'll see giant lollipops with bright colours, and kids love recreating those experiences at home. 

A definite fan favourite, no sweet shop would be the same without the classic lollipop. 

The Bottom Line 

Boiled sweets are a British institution, and most people have sampled how delicious they are numerous times throughout their life. With a society becoming more conscious of what they eat, confectionery manufacturers and suppliers need to produce sugar-free sweets that retain that beloved flavour. 

At Appleton Sweets, we have a range of delicious confectionery for you to choose between, and we guarantee you'll be amazed at our prices. If you'd like to know more about our extensive selection of boiled sweets, jellies, USA snacks and chocolate, please feel free to browse our website or contact us today.  

We look forward to making your future a whole lot sweeter.