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Cool City 5l Cherry Slush Syrup

£11.99 ex. VAT

Product SKU: 897442

Cool City 5l Cherry Slush Syrup has a weight of 1.5 kg and contains the barcode .

We have 64 available in stock, ready to be despatched.

Please note that due to the fragile nature of this item, this can only be despatched on a pallet and will not be sent via courier.

Appletons 5L cherry Slush Syrup these are supplied Appleton Sweets.These are a 5 litre large tub of cherry  flavour syrup that make great ice cold slush puppies drinks. Slush syrup is a concentrated syrup that when mixed with water makes fantastic mouth watering slush drinks in a assortment of flavours for all the family to enjoy great in the summer. This come in a mix 1-7 which is at one 5 litre once diluted with water you can get up too 35L of this slush product. Please see our other slush syrups great flavours that are now available. Please note that these now include a sweetener.