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Haribo Tangfastics Pre-Packed Bags - 12 x 160g

Β£11.99 ex. VAT

Product SKU: 927646

Haribo Tangfastics Pre-Packed Bags - 12 x 160g has a weight of 1.7 kg and contains the barcode 05012035962609.

We have 30 available in stock, ready to be despatched.

Haribo Tangfastics are supplied by Haribo.These are packed in 160g bag and come in a box of 12 count.They are filled with fizzy jelly soft foam candy sweets.These are one of the most popular pre packed sweets around.Please see our larger range of Haribo products that are now in stock.These Haribo Tangfastics are now available wholesale and can be brought at Appleton Sweets