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Jelly Belly Fruit Mix Window Box - 12 Count

£22.49 ex. VAT

Product SKU: 721660

Jelly Belly Fruit Mix Window Box - 12 Count has a weight of 1.9 kg and contains the barcode 071570721879.

We have 5 available in stock, ready to be despatched.

Jelly Belly Fruit bowl mix are made by Jelly Belly they come from the usa. This is another delicious assortment of flavours brought to you by the one and only Jelly Belly.These fruit bowl mix come in a handy 100g box packed with lots of flavour. Jelly Belly has already become a huge name and a huge hit with young and old, take a dip and see what you get. What will be your favourite flavour? Comes in lots of great flavours. These can be brought wholesale and are available at Appleton Sweets.