All You Need to Know About Wine Gums: The Sweet Facts

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Wine Gums

Wine gums have been popular for decades, and they're a staple in the UK. However, many people don't know what these sweets are and how they're made.

Well, we're about to fix that in this post, so sit back, relax and learn about these delicious sweets.

Let's dive in.

The History Of Wine Gums

Wine gums are primarily attributed to the Maynard's company, which still exists today.

The son of a sweet shop owner, Charles Gordon Maynard, decided to create sweets with a more refined flavour, and people would savour them like traditional wine.

Well, the idea might have seemed like a bizarre one, but most incredible inventions usually are! Even Maynard's father didn't like the idea of wine gums, but that soon changed when he realised the profitability of these sweets.

The pair officially launched their sweets in 1909, and sales continue to rise. In fact, profits in 2002 were £40 million, which shows the sheer popularity of wine gums.

Do Wine Gums Have Alcohol In them?

Now, this is where it gets interesting. Wine gums contain no alcohol, and they never will.

Despite the labelling on each sweet with words such as sherry and port, there's no alcohol content, so they're suitable for adults and children.

Nobody knows exactly why Maynard called them wine gums, but there are two theories:

1. Maynard's father was teetotal, and he created wine gums as a rich flavoured sweet that would serve as an alcohol-free alternative to traditional wine.

2. Wine gums were designed to be the confectionery choice for adults, with bolder favours and less sugar.

What Do Wine Gums Taste Like?

Wine gums are soft, chewy sweets that have a variety of different flavours. The most popular flavours are usually cherry, raspberry and blackcurrant.

However, you can also find wine gums that taste of orange, lemon and more exotic combinations.

While the lighter colours offer a more fruity taste, the darker colours are full-bodied and mimic red wine.

These sweets aren't coated in sugar, so they're softer on the outside but still have a chewy centre that's a lot stronger than the consistency of jelly sweets.

Are Wine Gums Healthy?

This is a tricky question to answer. While wine gums don't have any alcohol or fat, they are high in sugar, as are all sweets.

However, you can consume them in moderation so they easily fit into your healthy diet requirements.

Try to enjoy a 30g pack or tube at a time instead of opting for large volumes of sweets, and you'll be able to enjoy them without worrying about any adverse health implications.

Which Wine Gum Brands Are Most Popular?

While Maynard's will always be the OG of wine gums, plenty of other options are available at various price points.

For example, Haribo is one of the most popular confectionery brands globally, and they make their own version of wine gums. These taste great and come in a large bag for everyone to enjoy.

You can also go more traditional with Lion wine gums or enjoy a more cost-effective solution from Taveners and De Bron.

How To Make Wine Gums At Home

Wine gums are actually relatively easy to make at home, and you don't need any fancy equipment. All you need is some sugar, gelatine, cornstarch, water and your chosen flavourings.

If you'd like to try creating wine gums, the recipe is available here. Making wine gums at home means you can control the amount of sugar that goes into them and use natural flavours instead of artificial ones.

However, it's pretty difficult and time-consuming, so it's worth buying wholesale wine gums from a quality confectioner if you're not a confident, sweet maker.

What Are The Alternatives To Wine Gums?

Wine gums are a classic sweet, but they can be too intense for children - after all, they were designed with adults in mind.

If you're not a fan of them or looking for something children will love, there are plenty of alternatives.

Here are some sweets that offer a similar taste and texture:

Gummy bears

Gummy bears are softer than wine gums and have a more jelly-like consistency, but they offer a fruity flavour perfect for children.

Jelly beans

While jelly beans are smaller and harder, they still offer intense flavours and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Also, the flavours are exotic, including popcorn, cotton candy and other popular combinations.

Fruit pastilles

If you want something with a stronger fruit flavour, fruit pastilles are the way to go. They're also coated in sugar, so they offer a sweeter taste.

Jelly babies

Jelly babies are a junior version of wine gums, but they're softer and have a more jelly-like consistency. They're also dusted in starch, giving them their unique appearance.

American hard gums

American hard gums are similar to wine gums, but they're harder and have a more intense flavour. They're also available in a broader range of flavours, including pineapple and pear.

Wine Gums: The Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed this post and that you now know everything there is to know about wine gums. These sweets are delicious, full of flavour and perfect for any occasion. Just remember to enjoy them in moderation!

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