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The Many Health Benefits of Liquorice: A Comprehensive Guide

Liquorice is a plant that has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. The soothing root of the plant is popular for alternative medicine, and it also makes a great snack!

If you're interested in a more holistic approach to medicine and would prefer to stay away from pharmaceuticals, liquorice is worth exploring.

In this post, we'll explore the many health benefits of liquorice. Let's dive in.

A Brief History Of Liquorice

Liquorice has been used in alternative medicine for centuries. The earliest recorded use of liquorice dates back to ancient China, where it was used to treat various ailments.

The health benefits of liquorice were first documented in the West in the early 20th century. Since then, studies have been conducted further to explore the medicinal properties of this versatile plant.

While liquorice was initially used as a holistic treatment, as time went on and confectionery became more popular, people began to experiment with its unique flavour.

How Can People Use Liquorice?

As with most holistic treatments, there's limited research to say that liquorice can treat specific conditions. Also, people respond to treatments differently, so what works for one might not be effective for another.

Chronic Bronchitis

Chronic bronchitis is a debilitating condition that causes prolonged airway inflammation, leading to pain, difficulty breathing, and regular oxygen treatment.

Liquorice is commonly used to help soothe bronchitis because the plant's anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce swelling and irritation in the airways, making it easier to breathe.

Canker Sores

If you suffer from canker sores, you'll know that they can be incredibly painful. Most will disappear within a week, but some people might have recurring mouth ulcers.

Women are particularly susceptible to cancer sores due to hormone fluctuations, but liquorice root may be able to help.

Applying a small amount of diluted liquorice root extract to canker sores can speed up the healing process.

Digestive Issues

Liquorice root is thought to be a natural laxative and can help treat constipation and indigestion.

Chewing on a piece of liquorice root or drinking liquorice tea after meals can help prevent indigestion.

PMS & Menopause

The hormone-balancing properties of liquorice make it a popular choice for women experiencing symptoms related to PMS or menopause. The plant contains phytoestrogens, which replicate oestrogen and its effects.

It can stop hot flashes and reduce bloating, water retention, fatigue, and mood swings when administered correctly. It's also thought to reduce the frequency and severity of hot flashes.

Colorectal Cancer

There's some evidence to suggest that liquorice can help protect against colorectal cancer.

A study published in the National Library Of Medicine found that people who ate the most black liquorice had a lower risk of developing colorectal cancer than those who didn't eat any at all.

While more research is needed, this is promising news for those looking for an alternative way to prevent cancer.

Peptic Ulcers

Peptic ulcers are open sores that develop on the stomach lining or the upper part of the small intestine. They're incredibly painful and can make eating and drinking difficult.

Liquorice root is thought to help heal peptic ulcers by enhancing the effects of antibiotics.

Skin Conditions

Liquorice root is often used in skin care products because of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It can be helpful in treating conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and acne.

The plant's flavonoids help repair skin damage caused by the sun and pollution. Applying a liquorice root extract to the skin can help reduce redness, swelling, and irritation.

Acid Reflux & Heartburn

Acid reflux and heartburn are common digestive issues that can be incredibly painful. Liquorice root is thought to be a natural antacid and can help reduce the symptoms of both conditions.

Drinking liquorice tea or taking liquorice supplements can help neutralise stomach acid and ease the pain of heartburn.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

There is little conclusive research demonstrating that liquorice can benefit PCOS, but it is possible due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

The root contains components that can potentially reduce a person's testosterone levels and regulate the menstrual cycle.

Increased Immunity

Liquorice root is a popular choice for those looking to boost their immunity. The plant is thought to have antiviral and antibacterial properties that can help fight off infection.

In fact, liquorice can be beneficial in preventing HIV, hepatitis and influenza. It can also reduce the symptoms of these conditions, but there are conflicting opinions on how effective it is.

Liquorice is also a source of antioxidants, essential for boosting the immune system. Taking liquorice supplements or drinking liquorice tea can help keep your immune system strong.

How Much Liquorice Should I Eat?

Now that we know some of the potential health benefits of liquorice, you might be wondering how much you should eat.

It's important to remember that moderation is essential for consuming anything in large quantities, especially if you're eating processed liquorice.

Specialists advise that you consume a maximum of 57 grams of liquorice per day because excessive liquorice can lead to health conditions, such as increased blood pressure and heart disease.

The Best Liquorice Sweets

There are so many options available when it comes to liquorice sweets, and as long as you enjoy them in moderation, you can sample a range of flavours.

If you're looking for a healthier option, De Bron's sugar-free liquorice sweets won't let you down.

They're bursting with flavour and are a guilt-free treat for the confectionery lover.

Of course, you can also choose red liquorice - but be wary if you have a wheat intolerance because this type of liquorice is made with wheat.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it - a comprehensive guide to the many health benefits of liquorice! While liquorice is still a confectionery, you can enjoy it in moderation and take advantage of the health benefits it offers.

Our wholesale liquorice sweets are perfect for confectionery businesses or people who love stocking up their cupboards with delicious treats. You can benefit from speedy delivery and great prices, so shop today!