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Chocolate Balls

When it comes to the UK, we're famous for many foods, including fish and chips, roast dinners and - of course - chocolate. Each country around the world has a distinct chocolate brand. For example, the USA has Hershey's, and we all know the delights of Swiss and Belgian chocolate. 

British sweets are renowned for their history and distinct flavours. Many people believe that the UK stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to chocolate, but we'll leave that for you to decide. 

So, with that in mind,  

let's dive into our list of British sweets to try when you visit the UK. 

Mars Bar 

Mars Bars are a favourite among the British public, and for a good reason. Imagine delicious nougat, topped with silky caramel and a chocolate coating, and you'll see why people genuinely love Mars Bars. 

Better still, they're packed full of energy, which makes Mars Bars a popular option. As one of the longest-running chocolates in the UK, it's a favourite among children and adults alike. 

Rhubarb and Custard 

One of the UK's flagship confectionery types is the traditional boiled sweet. Known as hard candies in the USA, boiled sweets often have some weird and wonderful flavours. Rhubarb and custard candies are the perfect mixtures of sweet and sour. 

Rhubarb is classed as a vegetable, but cooks treat it like fruit because of the unique flavour - hence rhubarb crumble (which is similar to an apple crumble). 

When you mix rhubarb with custard, it creates an incredible combination of tart fruity flavour and smooth cream. As one of the UK's favourite sweets, you should try these hard-boiled delights. 


When it comes to chocolate brands in the UK, there's nobody quite like Cadbury. Not only does it have a silky smooth flavour, but the delicious chocolate is loved by children and adults alike. 

With so many chocolate bars to choose between, it's no wonder Cadbury is still as famous today as it was many years ago. 

Dairy Milk

Cadbury Dairy Milk is the company's flagship product, and while the chocolate is simple in concept, the mixture of rich chocolate and creamy milk makes it one of the UK's top brands. 

Throughout the years, we've seen many versions of Cadbury chocolate come and go, but Dairy Milk stands the test of time because it's an indulgent treat that tastes so good. 


Similar to Dairy Milk, the Flake chocolate bar is a popular feature in ice creams - but it also tastes fantastic on its own. As Cadbury's said in its advert, 'only the crumbliest flakiest chocolate, tastes like chocolate never tasted before.' 

Guess what? They were right. 

Curly Wurly 

Curly Wurly bars are great if you're on a diet because they're so chewy. If you're the kind of person that wolfs down a family size bar of chocolate within half an hour, then eating a Curly Wurly will keep you occupied and make sure you don't overload on calories. 

It's one of the healthier chocolate bars around and full of caramel. While it's not the most popular product on the Cadbury stock line, it does taste delicious. 


We should mention that trying Smarties for the first time comes with a lot of risks. They're so addictive. Honestly, these moreish candy-covered chocolates have destroyed diets. There, we've got that out of the way. 

If you do decide to try Smarties, we dare you to stop at one tube. Popular with both children and adults, the sweet chocolate treat has been around for years. While there was controversy over the company using additives, they reinvented themselves as an additive-free company. 


If you've ever tried Maltesers, then you'll know how delicious they are. Better still, they're also surprisingly low in calories. Small malted balls are covered in chocolate, which creates a melt in your mouth sensation. 

You'll never be able to stop at one Malteser, so we recommend you don't stock up on them - because they won't last long! 


When it comes to chewy sweets, Drumsticks stand head and shoulders above the rest. They have a fruity taste, mixed with cream to create a deliciously chewy treat. Throughout the years, Drumsticks have upgraded from lollipops to chewy bars and gummy sweets. 

In fact, at Appleton Sweets, Drumsticks are one of our biggest sellers when it comes to wholesale confectionery. 

Creme Egg

The Creme Egg is a member of the Cadbury family, but it's so good we decided to give it a category of its own. Imagine an outer shell of creamy milk chocolate with a fondant centre, and you'll know why the British public looks forward to the Easter season. 

In this country, it's all about the Creme Egg, and we go all out every Easter. If you haven't tried the delicious treats, then it's about time you do. 

What's the Difference Between UK and USA Chocolate?

Both UK and USA chocolates are probably the most prominent commercial sellers globally, and many people notice that each has an entirely different taste. The reason for this is that both countries have unique manufacturing processes. 

UK chocolate has a higher fat and cocoa content, while the USA brands use more sugar. If you put Hershey's and Dairy Milk next to each other, you'll immediately notice the sugar difference. 

For this reason, many people regard UK chocolate as higher quality because high levels of sugar impact the overall taste. 

The Takeaway 

So, now you know which brands to look for when you visit the UK, but we feel wrong ending this post without a list of honourable mentions. So, without further ado, here's some British confectionery you should attempt to sample when you're here. 

  • Jelly Babies 
  • Fruit Pastilles 
  • Aero 
  • Milkybar 
  • Cadbury Twirl 
  • Cadbury White Chocolate 

With so many chocolate brands to choose between, you're sure to have a feast when you visit the UK. 

At Appletown Sweets, we aim to bring you the latest chocolate news, tips and offers - so please feel free to check our blog out. Please take a look at our post on the complete history of candy, so you can learn about everyone's favourite treat.
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