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Popular Snacks in the UK You Need to Try

Snacking is an integral part of our daily routine, and few people stick to the three meals a day rule. Snacking in moderation is relatively harmless, and there are plenty of delicious treats when it comes down to it. 

The USA is known for its extensive collection of snacks. Walk into any supermarket, and you’ll see rows upon rows of sugary treats, including cookies, candy, pudding and crisps. 

But the UK holds its own, and there are some snacks that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. 

So, in this post, we will focus on snacks that are exclusive to UK consumers.

You won’t find these treats anywhere else. Let’s dive in. 

Walkers Crisps 

Walkers are known as Lays in the USA, but the brand retained its name because people in England recognise and respond to Walkers. While both are crisps and share the same owner, that’s pretty much the only thing they have in common. 

Lays have Americanised flavours, such as chipotle ranch, sour cream and onion, cheddar and sour cream and barbecue. 

Walkers focus on British favourites, such as cheese and onion, ready salted and smoky bacon. Walkers continue to be the most popular UK crisp brand because of their commitment to creating exciting new flavours. 

The limited-edition series features a range of tasty treats, including roast lamb and mint, marmite, and chip shop curry. 

You can find Walkers in any supermarket or convenience store, so the next time you’re in the UK, pick up a pack and see how the flavours compare to Lays. 

Monster Munch 

Monster Munch is another crisp brand that’s stood the test of time. The claw-shaped corn puffs are full of flavour, including the infamous pickled onion - which has been around for years. 

Other popular Monster Munch flavours include flamin’ hot and roast beef. Many years ago, the crisp brand also had a spaghetti flavour, but for some reason decided to remove it from their product line. 

Oh, how we miss that rich tomato flavour. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the company is planning to bring it back, but you can still enjoy the different flavours available. 

Foam Sweets 

Perhaps one of the best things to come out of the UK is foam pick and mix sweets. They were prevalent during the days of Woolworth’s, but shops everywhere still sell the deliciously tasty sweets. But what makes them so unique?

Most foam sweets come in the form of shrimps and bananas. Both have a subtle flavour, and they’re easy to chew, making foam sweets ideal for children. 

Most people leave sweets behind and prefer chocolate as they grow up, but no rational adult can refuse shrimps and bananas; they’re just so good! 

Jaffa Cakes 

Is it a biscuit or a cake? Nobody knows. But nobody cares because Jaffa Cakes are so delicious, it doesn’t matter. Imagine a soft cake-like round base with tangy orange jelly and silky smooth chocolate on top, and you’ll see why we can’t get enough of these delicious cakes. 

Over the years, the company has attempted to introduce new flavours such as lemon and lime, cherry and blackcurrant - but only as limited edition products. 

Chocolate Digestives 

While the premise of a digestive biscuit is healthy, covering it in chocolate makes it a less than ideal snack if you’re watching your weight. But for the rest of us, chocolate digestives are incredibly moreish. 

In the UK, we eat the biscuits on their own or dip them into a cup of tea. If you’re heading this way, be sure to pick up a pack of either milk or dark chocolate digestives - but beware - once you start, you’ll find it challenging to put these delicious biscuits away. 

Wine Gums 

Let’s clear this up; wine gums are not made with wine. But they’re meant to offer the full-bodied flavour your favourite glass of Merlot has. The jelly sweets are popular with adults and children - but most people have never heard of them. 

With a range of flavours, including red berry, lemon, lime and blackcurrant, it’s easy to see why people of all ages enjoy them. 

At Appleton Sweets, wine gums are one of our biggest wholesale sweets sellers. 

Cherry Bakewells 

Wow, wow and wow. Cherry Bakewells are one of those treats that you’ll never get tired of. There’s no chocolate in a Bakewell, but that doesn’t matter because this treat was designed for someone that loves a sugar fix. 

An almond sponge cake forms the base of a Bakewell, and raspberry plum filling is topped with fondant icing, and a cherry sits on top. If that’s not enough to show you why these treats are unmissable - then we suggest you should try them. 

Jammie Dodgers 

OK, so the USA does cookies well - we won’t take that away from them. But, when it comes to the UK, we’ve got biscuits covered. Tea is one of the nations favourite pastimes, so it makes sense that we’d have an extensive selection of biscuits for dipping. 

One such biscuit is the Jammy Dodger, featuring two buttery bases with delicious jam in the middle. 

Scotch Eggs 

If you’re a vegetarian, skip this snack because scotch eggs are a staple in English buffets - but meat is a crucial feature of this treat. A boiled egg is covered in meat with an outer breadcrumb layer. 

The fried treat is often seen in supermarkets, pubs and at family picnics. We recommend dipping it in ketchup or mayonnaise for the ultimate treat. 

The Takeaway

So, now you know which popular snacks in the UK you should look for, you can take advantage of your visit. From the Scottish highlands to Buckingham Palace, there are many incredible sights to see - but don’t forget about the food.

If you want to take advantage of low price wholesale confectionery, Appleton Sweets is here to provide your tastebuds with delicious chocolate and sweets. With our cost-effective bulk packages, you can enjoy British treats every day.