Summer Bliss: Sensational Sweets to Keep You Cool and Refreshed

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Summer Bliss: Sensational Sweets to Keep You Cool and Refreshed

Sunshine and sweet treats go hand-in-hand, don’t they? Especially when it gets hot.

This guide has all the best summer sweets to keep you cool. Creamy stuff, icy treats – it’s all here for lazy afternoons beside the pool or picnics in the park. We'll show you how to appreciate the heat in the most delicious way possible.

Get ready to uncover some tasty ways to beat the summer heat.

Dairy-free cream never tasted so good

Is the blazing sunshine getting too much? Looking for something a little lighter? Rather than reaching for a gigantic tub of ice cream, how about trying a sorbet?

It’s incredibly refreshing and bursting with fruity flavours like mango or flavourful raspberry. Plus, sorbet contains zero dairy, making it loads easier on your stomach.

Frozen yoghurt is another top pick. It's as creamy as regular ice cream but contains a lot less fat. And if you like, jazz it up with some tasty toppings. How about diced strawberries or crunchy nuts? Or if you’re feeling fancy, a drizzle of chocolate sauce won't hurt.

If you’re into plant-based options, you’ll be pleased to know there’s an assortment of dairy-free ice creams to discover. They’re available in a raft of flavours and are just as creamy as the dairy versions but made with soya, almond, or coconut milk.

Frozen fruit treats

Blazing sun got you hot? Beat the heat with a sweet treat that’s kind to your body, too. Frozen fruit is a total winner.

If you fancy something simple, freeze some grapes. This is super easy to do, just wash and pop them in your freezer. They're deliciously sweet and perfect for a hot day.

Feeling inventive? Make your own berry ice lollies. Toss some strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries in a blender with a splash of juice. Then pour the mixture into moulds and pop them in the freezer. You won’t be able to resist these homemade treats on a blazing day.

Another winner is watermelon sorbet. Just blend up some chunks of watermelon, and squeeze in some lime. Then for a little zing, add a pinch of sugar. Pop it in the freezer and leave until it’s solid.

You’ll love this treat – it’s incredibly refreshing and super healthy, too.

Homemade summer sippers

Concocting your own sweet summer drinks at home is super simple and a wonderful way to stay cool. Begin with a classic iced tea.

First, brew your favourite tea, leave it to cool down, and then pour it over some ice. To add a bit of tang and flavour, squeeze in some lime or a sprig of mint.

Fancy something a tad fruitier? Create lemonade from scratch – it’s a breeze to do.

Simply grab a few fresh lemons, squeeze in the juice, and then pour in a little water. Sweeten it up with a sprinkle of sugar to taste. Then, for an invigorating twist, throw in a couple of lemon slices and a handful of mint or raspberries.

If you’re feeling adventurous, add a dash of honey, watermelon, plus fresh mint leaves to create a super-hydrating summer beverage.

Enjoy these sweet drinks on a scorching day in your back garden. Or when you’re chilling on your patio. They’ll no doubt keep you cool and satisfied when the temperatures soar.

Light and refreshing desserts

Feeling especially hot in the summer heat? Try these light, airy (and incredibly yummy) desserts – great for a sweet treat that won’t weigh you down.

All you need to do is fill a delicate pastry shell with a pastry cream. Then for a dessert as attractive as it is appetising, top it with fresh fruit.

In the mood for something light? Make your own mousse using crushed peaches or strawberries. Fruits like these are bursting with natural flavour and a fluffy texture that feels light as air.

With its feather-weight consistency, angel cake is another brilliant option. Garnish with a pinch of fresh berries and a light dribble of honey.

Or for something more satisfying, add a dollop of whipped cream. You’ll appreciate these treats at your next summer barbecue. They’re equally great for enjoying as a cooling afternoon treat.

The role of sweet treats in summer celebrations

Sweet treats are utterly essential at any summer get-together. They revitalise everything from barbecues to beach parties. Imagine sinking your teeth into a succulent, chilled fruit skewer. Or relishing a refreshing ice cream cone under the sun—these moments make summer festivities unforgettable.

Classics like s'mores and cotton candy are hits at outdoor gatherings. They deliver flavour plus a sense of sentimentality.

Meanwhile, fruit pies and layered trifles steal the show at more formal picnics or dining tables. After all, it isn’t just about taste. It’s more about creating heart-warming experiences that loved ones can share to make every get-together a little sweeter.

Where to source the best summer sweets

Unearthing premium summer sweets isn’t as tricky as you might think. You just need to know where to look. Head to local farmers' markets – they’re gold mines for fresh fruits for those delicious homemade desserts. Also, speciality shops are treasure troves. They offer one-off, artisanal treats that can add a distinctive touch to any summer table. 

For a broader range, consider visiting sweet wholesalers like us here at Appleton and Sons. Expect to find a whole host of options to keep your pantry well-stocked throughout the season.

Perhaps you’re seeking bulk purchases. Or maybe special ingredients to craft your delights. The good news is that these sources ensure you can get your hands on top-notch summer sweets.

The takeaway

Having a lazy afternoon at home? Or a BBQ, maybe? Sweet treats make it feel special. From the classic toasted marshmallows to exciting new ice cream flavours, there's a tasty option waiting for you.

Make this summer extra sweet. Hop over to our Appleton and Sons website and see our mouth-watering selection. You might just find the perfect treat to turn your summer into something extraordinary.


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