Top 10 Delicious Sugar-Free Sweets You Need to Try

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Top 10 Delicious Sugar-Free Sweets You Need to Try

Got a sweet tooth but trying to cut back on sugar? We've got the perfect solution for you! Dive into our tantalising list of the Top 10 Delicious Sugar-Free Sweets You Need to Try. 

These treats are not only mouth-wateringly good but also guilt-free. Whether you're managing diabetes, following a keto diet, or simply looking for healthier alternatives, this guide is packed with irresistible options that don't compromise on flavour.

Prepare to be amazed by how satisfying sugar-free can be. Ready to discover your new favourite indulgence?

Let's get started!


Why go sugar-free?

Well, it’s smarter for your teeth. Skipping the sugar high means dodging tooth decay. What’s more, sweets containing zero sugar have fewer calories – useful if you’re keeping tabs on your waistline. Also, if you’re keeping an eye on how much sugar you eat for health reasons, these candies are great.

And if you’re managing diabetes, these candies are a miracle. You’ll be able to enjoy a treat without panicking about your blood sugar soaring. They let you treat yourself without the angst, keeping sweet cravings at bay. So, you can give into your cravings a little bit and stay on target.


The sweet truth about sugar alternatives  

So, what makes these sugar-free sweets taste good? Well, these candies use alternative sweeteners. That means you relish all the sweetness without the baggage of regular sugar.

Take stevia as an example. This natural sweetener doesn't add inches to your waistline. Then there’s xylitol – it’s super sweet and helps keep your pearly whites in great shape. And, last but not least, erythritol keeps things low-calorie. And doesn't mess with your blood sugar much.


Top 10 sugar-free sweets to try

New to the sugar-free scene? Or just looking for some tasty suggestions? Check out our list to get you started. If you want to stock up, hop over to our wholesale sugar-free sweets section for a bulk buy.

  1. Humbugs: Keep your breath fresh on the fly, minus the sugar.
  2. Gummy Bears: All the fruity, chewy fun without the sugar kick.
  3. Rosy Apples: Enjoy the classic taste of these old-school sweets without any regrets.
  4. Cola Bottles: Pucker up for these tasty treats that skip the sugar.
  5. Assorted Toffees: Savour the rich, creamy toffee texture in a sugar-free style.
  6. Sherbet Lemons: These hard-boiled are great for a midday lift.
  7. Blackberry and Raspberry Sweets: A lot of flavour and no sugar in sight.
  8. Liquorice Bears: Enjoy the deep, distinctive taste of liquorice, just without sugar.
  9. Cherry Gums: These are as scrumptious as they sound and guilt-free too!
  10. Fruit Salad: It’s tough to believe these fruit flavour salad gums are sugar-free.

Sugar-free chocolates

Fancy some chocolate but not the sugar? No problem. Sugar-free chocolates tick all the boxes. They're creamy. And melt in your mouth just like the classic chocolate does.

Have a fetish for dark, milk, or white chocolate? Great news – there’s a sugar-free version waiting just for you. With sweeteners like stevia and maltitol, you can satisfy your taste buds without panicking about a post-sugar dip later.


Sugar-free gummies

Enjoy gummies? Luckily, sugar-free gummies have it spot on. They’re available in flavours you love – sweet cherry, zesty orange, and everything in between. They've completely conquered that chewy texture you crave in a good gummy.

And the best bit? They're sweetened with things like sorbitol, so you can grab a couple of handfuls without feeling any remorse.

Whether you’re trying to cut down on sugar or fancy something healthier, sugar-free gummies pack a punch in the flavour department. So go ahead, enjoy these guilt-free treats and relish the goodness of gummies without the sugar hangover.


Hard candies and mints

Looking for something to keep your mouth busy? Sugar-free hard candies and mints are great for that. They come in masses of flavours, including classic mint and fruity mixes. They're excellent for keeping your breath fresh, and they last ages, so you stay fuller for longer.

Even better, they're sweetened with xylitol, which is brilliant for your teeth – it helps fight off cavities and improves oral health.

If you’re stuck in a long meeting or just longing for something sweet, grab some sugar-free hard candies or mints.

They let you enjoy a sweet treat while taking care of your teeth – a real double-duty delight! Grab a pack and keep them handy for whenever you need a quick, refreshing, and guilt-free boost.


Where can I buy sugar-free sweets?

Want to stock up on these tasty sugar-free treats? It’s actually pretty easy to find them. Over at Appleton, we offer an enormous selection online.

Think melt-in-the-mouth chocolates, chewy gummies, and pungent lemon sherbets. Relax and shop effortlessly from your home. Or head to your local health food shop – they’ll likely stock some, too.

With so many options readily available, getting your hands on these tasty, healthier alternatives has never been simpler. Find a whole gamut of sugar-free sweetness now!


The takeaway 

Want to try out some sugar-free sweets? As well as being tasty, they’re better for you. Plus, you won’t feel so guilty after spoiling yourself. How about checking out our website and seeing what catches your eye?

We have loads to choose from. Chocolate, gummies, hard candies, chewy fruit sweets – you name it, we have it.

Go on, give them a go—visit here and pick out some sugar-free goodies. Treat yourself—your sweet tooth can enjoy a little spoiling without the side of guilt. Contact us now.

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