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The Most Delicious Sweets From Around The World

The Most Delicious Sweets From Around The World

If your idea of heaven is enjoying a bag of delicious sweets or creamy chocolate, then you're in the right place. There are some fantastic confectionery choices in the UK, but let's not forget about the rest of the world.

From gummies to hard-boiled sweets and an array of chocolate goodies, this post is dedicated to the world's best sweets.

So, sit back, relax and get ready to indulge.


Europe Delicious Sweets

We all know that the UK is home to Cadbury and its many delicious chocolates. From Dairy Milk to Twirls and Crunchies, we're spoiled for choice. So, let's skip what we already know and focus on some European goodies that never fail to disappoint.

Kinder Bueno

Creamy, chocolatey and unique, Kinder Bueno's are popular in the UK too - but they're a favourite in France. The French are huge fans of chocolate, but Kinder remains the top brand, and Bueno's are popular among children and adults.

Roshen Chocolate

Ukraine's Roshen chocolate is a top favourite in Eastern Europe, with its unique flavours and creative packaging. From milk chocolate bars filled with nuts to dark chocolate truffles and even caramel-filled chocolates - there's something for everyone.

Drop (Liquorice)

The Netherlands is a country that loves its liquorice, with Drop being the favoured brand. These small sweets are shaped like coins and have a uniquely strong taste with a hint of salt.


Well, we couldn't leave Haribo off our list, could we? It's delicious, fun and perfect for families. The brand originated in Germany, but there's no disputing its worldwide appeal, and the sheer selection means there's something for everyone.

From sour sweets to gummy mixes and the epic Maoam, Haribo always delivers. They even have vegetarian options available too.


Switzerland's Toblerone chocolate is well-known and easily recognised for its triangular shape. It's a favourite among adults and children, with the delicious combination of chocolate, honey and almond nougat.


When it comes to Belgian chocolate, Guylian is a top favourite. These famous seashell-shaped chocolates are filled with creamy hazelnut praline and make for the perfect indulgent treat.


Americas Delicious Sweets

America is home to the USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina and many other countries, giving it a mixed combination of Western and Latino culture. It would be impossible to list sweets from every nation, but here are some favourites.


Another world-renowned brand, Nestlé, is prevalent everywhere - but the Canadians particularly love it. The top sellers include Smarties, Kit Kat, Big Turk and Aero, so if you're travelling to Canada, don't forget to try some of the more unique offerings.

USA Brands

USA confectionery is incredibly popular, and most people will know Hershey's, M&M's and Reese's. These are definitely the most popular chocolates, and they always appear in the UK too.

You can buy some of these brands from Appleton Sweets at wholesale prices. Here are some other favourites.


These colourful, fruity sweets are popular among children and adults alike. They come in various flavours, from the original to Sour Skittles and Wild Berry.

Jolly Rancher

A brand known for its hard-boiled sweets, Jolly Ranchers come in a range of flavours, including watermelon, fruit punch, cherry and green apple.

South America

South America Delicious Sweets

With its warm climate, friendly people and lively atmosphere most would agree that South America makes for an exotic destination. Here are some of the most popular chocolates and confectionery you can find.

Chocolate-covered coffee beans

Brazil is the world's largest coffee producer, so it's no surprise that chocolate-covered coffee beans are popular here. Not only do they taste great, but they offer a caffeine kick too.


Brigadeiro sweets are made from condensed milk, cocoa and butter, rolled into balls and coated with chocolate sprinkles. The sweets are served at parties and events - so make sure to try them if you're invited.


Asia Delicious Sweets

Asia is home to some of the most diverse cultures and cuisines, so it's no surprise that there are plenty of delicious sweets on offer too.


Japan's Pocky sticks have taken over Asia, with flavours ranging from traditional chocolate to matcha green tea and even strawberry cheesecake. These crispy biscuit sticks coated in creamy chocolate make for a unique treat, and many specialist retailers in the UK also stock them.


Ramune, also known as Japanese soda candy, is a favourite in Japan and Korea. These small sweets come in flavours like cola and strawberry, with a fizzy texture to mimic the taste of soda.


Dove is highly popular in China, and we have it here in the UK too. Also known as Galaxy, this creamy chocolate is ultra-indulgent and a worldwide favourite. Dove will definitely maintain its popularity with milk, dark, and caramel combinations.

Royal Chitralada Milk Candy

Made from milk powder and sugar, Royal Chitralada Milk Candy is renowned for its creamy texture and unique taste. It's also suitable for children and comes in a chocolate or milk flavour with a subtle taste.


Oceania Delicious Sweets

Australia and New Zealand are large countries known for their impressive nature and wildlife. With so many British people choosing to live in Australia, it will come as no surprise that the favourite chocolate there is Cadbury Dairy Milk.

In Australia, there are plenty of delicious flavours, including Turkish Delight, Pineapple and Coconut Ice; you can explore this classic British chocolate with Australian flavours.

Pascall Lollies

The most popular confectionery brand is Pascalls Lollies, which features flavours like pineapple chunks and cola bottles. These colourful sweets are perfect for sharing with friends.

Caramel Buds

Caramel buds are unique-tasting sweets that some people might find too overpowering. In some ways, they're similar to fudge but less expensive and popular at the pick-and-mix counter. Be warned, though, one handful is more than enough.

The Bottom Line

So there you have it - some of the most delicious sweets worldwide. All of the sweets on this list are perfect for people who want to try something different when travelling, and some even appear on our website.

You'll love shopping at Appleton Sweets with speedy delivery and low prices, so choose your favourite sweets today.