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What Sweets are Vegan?

A few years ago, if you decided to go vegan, you knew it would be a big commitment. It was almost impossible to eat at restaurants, and the selection of foods wasn't anything to write home about. But today, vegans are living their best possible life.

Climate change and the global effort to reduce the impact we have on our planet means vegans everywhere can embrace an ethical lifestyle and enjoy their favourite foods.

Vegans are spoiled for choice with a range of meat replicas from fast-food chains and substitutes for baked goods. In this post, we'll reveal some of the best vegan sweets you can find in the UK.

From forward-thinking brands to the 'accidentally vegan companies, these sweets are sure to please.

Let's get stuck in.


Yes, it might surprise you to learn that the brand famous for the slogan 'Taste the Rainbow' is vegan, but Skittles are! It seems to be more of an unintentional thing, rather than the brand consciously choosing to make the sweets cruelty free, but who cares when they taste that good?

Skittles come in five different flavours, but most would agree the red and purple ones are firm favourites.

Fruit Pastilles & Jelly Tots

Vegans everywhere were thrilled when Fruit Pastilles announced they were officially vegan friendly. If you remember enjoying them as a kid before you decided to make a greener lifestyle change, then you can once again pick up a tube of the fruity favourites.

Jelly Tots are another favourite from Rowntrees and are similar to Fruit Pastilles in many ways, but they're a lot smaller. Even better, to celebrate their new vegan-friendly range, you can buy dessert-themed Fruit Pastilles, which includes Bakewell and sorbet flavours.

Biona Organic

Biona Organic is an ethical confectionery brand, which specialises in manufacturing high-quality vegan sweets. You can find all of your favourites, including cola bottles, jelly snakes, and fruit bears.

If you're looking for sweets that are also suitable for lactose and gluten-free diets, you can't go wrong with this brand. We also recommend you sample their peach flavoured sweets, which are delicious.

Candy Kittens

Candy Kittens is a vegetarian sweet brand made by Jamie Lang, who starred in the Made in Chelsea reality TV show. While most of the sweet flavours are vegan, the Eton Mess collection has a beeswax outer coating, which isn't suitable for vegans. However, you can sample a range of sweets, including watermelon, blueberry and mango flavours.

Conscious Candy Co

From the moment Conscious Candy Co revealed their collection of vegan foam eggs, people everywhere rejoiced. Finally, a confectionery company with a commitment to giving us plant-based eaters exactly what we want!

Almost identical in look and taste to Haribo's foam eggs, these sweets are everything you could want them to be, and the company continues to release delicious replicas.

There are also foam bananas, cola bottles and sour cherries. Who could possibly resist this incredible brand? Not us, that's for sure!


Another brand falling into the 'accidentally vegan category is Starburst (or the sweets formerly known as Opal Fruits). They're fruity, chewy and absolutely delicious, so it might surprise you to learn that there's no gelatine in Starburst.

While the sweets are different in name, the flavours are still the same, and Starburst is one of the more popular sweet brands out there. So now you know they're vegan, what's stopping you from getting some?

Love Hearts

If you were born in the mid-'80s, you'd remember Love Hearts being a staple for Valentine's Day at your primary school. Well, they're still incredibly popular now; even though many years have passed, and you probably don't put them in your Valentine's cards anymore, they're still popular.

Love Hearts don't contain any animal products, which is why they're great for vegans. So, if you love the fizzy sweets, you can now enjoy them guilt-free.

Freedom Mallows

The common conception about marshmallows is they can't be vegan. There's the egg to think about, then the gelatine, so it's easy to see why most vegans immediately turn away from marshmallows.

Luckily, the Freedom Mallows are here to save the day. They're 100% vegan and still incredibly tasty! You can also buy chocolate-covered marshmallow bars, which take the experience to a whole new level.

Jealous Sweets

If you're looking for vegan and gluten-free sweets, then you'll love the range from Jealous Sweets. Better still, they're also wholly sugar-free, which is ideal for the diet conscious people out there.

The range includes gummy bears, worms and other fizzy favourites. There's something for everyone, and you won't need to worry about piling on the pounds.

Heavenly Delights

One of the biggest suppliers of wholesale vegan sweets, Heavenly Delights brings a range of delicious confectionery at great prices for halal and vegan diets. The collection includes sour rainbow belts, fizzy strawberries, cola bottles, peaches and bears.

At such low prices, they're ideal if you want to stock your sweet shop or fill your cupboards with some delicious vegan confectionery.

Swizzels Drumsticks

Swizzels have an impressive collection of sweets, but their Drumsticks are suitable for vegans. You can choose between the traditional chew bar, small squares that feature double flavours, and a flavoured bubblegum bar.

Other Sweets That Deserve a Mention

Some companies might have a specific flavour that doesn't use animal-based products, and we feel they deserve a mention in this post. So, here they are.

Swizzels Parma Violets: Some find these too sweet, while others love them. We'll let you decide.

Vidal: Known for their sour sweets, including watermelon slices, mini pencils and dummies.

Jelly Belly: Enjoy a selection of chewy candy flavours, including grape, orange, lemon and strawberry.

The Wrap Up

So, now you know which sweets are vegan friendly, nothing is stopping you from sampling your favourites. We regularly update our stock all the time, so check back regularly for new vegan sweet brands.

Most importantly, enjoy the cruelty-free experience! Don't forget to check out our post on creative gift ideas for friends. Feel free to read it here.